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People can be so cruel


prettyprophet: Wow, those fucking commissions made this so much longer than usual.

funny_bunny: You’re welcome!

prettyprophet: Go back to your Bayonetta.

funny_bunny: Yes, ma dame!

prettyprophet: So I was talking with a friend outside of the Rabbits and he’s like, “If you have no idea why you’re doing all this and it stresses you out so much, don’t do it.” And I’m like, “What the fuck are you on?” So apparently, in my posts, I seem very…………..hostile and haggard. Ok, I recognize that sometimes. But I have YET to really bitch about the Rabbits. For one thing, you’re not going to see me do it in public. Hell, you’re not going to see me do it ever, since I’m PR. But you know what? Today, I’m going to bitch about a few subjects that’s pretty important to the Rabbits right now. This post is all me, so run off if you hate my guts.

Alright, we’re in a tight spot. It’s not funding; we’re set for another year thanks to our benefactor (hey, don’t let that stop the rest of you from donating more). Getting tank raws and all that; Passing Fancy has us covered. It’s the group itself. We’re down a lot of live bodies. nde, Lavie, Pat, Duck……they’re more or less out of action for now. But those are just editors; who needs them, right? We’ll just start speedscanning everything! Yeah, fuck editors, more importantly, ak’s on leave. For like, the next couple months. And that’s IF he settles down once all that’s done with. To those who aren’t familiar with us……….this means the Rabbits won’t have our primary translator. This is important because we are a SCANLATION GROUP WITHOUT A TRANSLATOR. Yes, we have Ghost, but Ghost is a translator in training; he’s not doing Cat’s World, Gun Frontier, and Acony. Yeah, that’s right, we got the volume raws for the second volume of Acony. But since Ghost doesn’t do series, all those projects are hold. Long story short: I think we’re down to one on-and-off translator (Ghost), two do-anything-people (Funny, me), three on-and-off editors (Fallen, Mokona, -_-)……….and holstein.

So yeah, we kinda need…….more people. Fallen’s been putting up recruitment ads; hopefully that’ll do something. Funny’s been doing……adding more projects, because fuck, we really could use some more, huh? And me, I’m just trying to make sure things get released. We’ve still got…….several fucking things for June……so look forward to that. If some more translators and editors would join….that’d make things a lot easier for us. You don’t have to be pro or anything; none of us are (well, maybe ak’ll be). As long as you’re willing to subject yourself to whatever insane project comes up next, you’re fine.

Am I tired? Yeah, I’m fucking tired. Rabbits been taking up a lot of my time now…..which is problematic, because it’s the summer and fuck that. And I know it’s ok to say fuck that because Funbuns here’ll jump right on it. But I ain’t going to do that. I like the Rabbits. I like having a medium where the entire world can just drop by and say “oh, I wonder what these kids are doing?” I like pimping artists I think ought to be pimped out. I know, we’re a group no one gives a fuck about thanks to our lack of focused genre…….but to my friend who might read this: one day, there won’t be genres. Or cliques. Or taboos. But that ain’t happening yet; change ain’t a snap. Until then, you got the Rabbits.

Funny, get the fuck over here so I don’t sound too serious.


prettyprophet: He’s actually got that in the works. No joke.

funny_bunny: It must be PERFORMED! LIVE!

prettyprophet: You know what the biggest problem is with it?

funny_bunny: Haaa?

prettyprophet: Perfume. Aside from that, everything else.

funny_bunny: Nonsense, free play! For freedom! For futility! For FUN!

prettyprophet: C’mon, let’s Trauma Team.

funny_bunny: Let’s play doctor!

prettyprophet: Peace out, folks.



  1. Fallen says:


    Come one guys (if any body is reading) we need totally SWEEE-et~ as helpers!

    *sigh* I just hope the adverts work … T_T

  2. Who knows if anyone’ll even go past the jump of this post. Eh, not like that’s ever stopped us before.

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