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ACHTUNG: War on Scanlation Primetime Special

Hetalia genderswaps are cool

More important than any actual war!

prettyprophet: So……..since everyone’s freaking out over the whole scanlation crackdown thing…….I guess we better weigh in. Funny? Thoughts?

funny_bunny: It is time for Rabbits to close up shop and now we will vanish forever and ever and ever and alllllllllllllll our links will go with us. TRUTH.

prettyprophet: Yeah, this shit about a anti-scanlator coalition’s got us running scared…….looks like we’re out of the game……………………you don’t really believe this, do you? And you shouldn’t! Fuck that noise, we’re here to stay.

funny_bunny: All in the GAME yo.

prettyprophet: So Boss? What the fuck is our response? …..alright, I guess we already said it.

funny_bunny: Just call me……Buns.

prettyprophet: Ok, fuck Metal Gear, no more references to that.

funny_bunny: BWAH there was only one!

prettyprophet: Right, so clearly we don’t care and neither should you. Why? You’re reading this off our site. This probably means you download off our site. So we don’t give a fuck if Mangafox or OneManga dies.


prettyprophet: And I know some of you are going to say, “Oh yeah? Whatever happened to ‘They came for the Communists and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist’ so take that you pussies.” ……….Get fucking real. All this shit is in legal gray area, if not illegal from the get-go. But LICENSED work? Face it, you knew what you were getting into.

funny_bunny: GASP, the Rabbits are now THE MAN approved???

prettyprophet: And before you say that, let’s get one thing straight: scanlators/leechers aren’t the only dumbasses. All the companies? Same deal. Yeah, yeah, so far they SEEM to be against only the big name manga directories and not the scanlators (at least they better not be). But I can totally see why people would scanlate licensed stuff: the Japanese chapters come out so much faster than the folks at Viz/Tokyopop/Yen Press can release to the rest of the world. And guess what? Some scanlator, for whatever reason, can within the day it’s out in Japan. That’s a lot of fucking incentive to download the scanlation. “Oh but it’s WRONG blah blah blah”…………and people would do it if they could. And surprise! They can.

funny_bunny: Why pretty Prophet, whatever should the suits do?

prettyprophet: Don’t YOU fucking patronize me. Anyways, what they should do is release new chapters standalone……digitally. Does this sound a lot like what the scanlators are doing right now? You bet your ass it does………but the companies can do it BETTER. Higher quality, bigger res. Make people pay a buck for it. “Oh that shit’ll get pirated around”………….and that shit’s getting pirated around right fucking NOW. Hell, do it for fucking free and say, “If you like what we’re doing, donate some cash, however much you want”.

funny_bunny: Rabbits have gotten donations!

prettyprophet: Well, one big one. But maybe since they’re companies, people might give them more props for professionalism. Or they could just say fuck off because companies = capitalist pigs and not give them shit.

funny_bunny: Artists should go the way of YOSHITOSHI ABE.

prettyprophet: Too bad he picked Kindle. And I have no idea the quality of the translation.

funny_bunny: AND Iphone for Pochiyama and let’s start doing more Yoshitoshi. GHOST, WE’RE DOING YOSHITOSHI.

prettyprophet: Now I’ve ranted about scanlation before…….but I’ll say it again: scanlation groups don’t matter. The localization companies? They don’t matter either. When it comes down to it, it’s just the author of whatever….and the sooner they realize it like Yoshitoshi Abe does, the sooner we’ll all be dead.

funny_bunny: PRINT IS DEAD.

prettyprophet: Yo, let’s watch Ghostbusters.


prettyprophet: Oh yeah. Wars on drugs/terrorism/oil, who gives a fuck? We got the World Cup.


  1. No Comment says:

    Who ya gonna call?

    But uh… yeah I’ve kinda wondered before how scanlators can pump these things out and yet the companies take forever and might not even finish off a series.

  2. yamiangie says:

    I wasn’t to worried about you guys. As far as i know you don’t even put your stuff up on onemanga or mangafox. This is a secret little spot few must know about. You did have me going for a second though.

    I just hope that print is not dead it’s very anoying to read editor’s notes of other peoples manga scanlations some times because they write them vertically like it’s japanese. I trained my brain do read right to left but i can’t read worlds that are written vertically yet and I don’t wish to learn

  3. No Comment: Finance. Companies have to pay their people. Scanlators are just masochists.

    yamiangie: I think we have a few series on Mangafox, but without our permission. We’ve expressed our dislike for online viewers before. As for editor’s note being written vertically? If that’s not being done because of space constrictions…….well, I don’t know what the fuck’s up with that. I’d chalk that off to poor typesetting rather than the digital age, though.

  4. Fallen says:

    I think you have forgotten something.

    Viz are trying to release digitally – seriously. Check out .

    And I have to disagree with you at some points. I think that posting it only through a digital source – like Abe – is stupid. If I wanted to read something I want it hard copy. I have the Rabbit’s release digitally – sure ain’t legal – but if they want me to buy their product they might want it to appeal to me. And collectors are the ones that buy, not leechers. And collectors like to collect. Do they WANT to have a digital copy or hard copy? Let’s think about the word “Collector” …

    Posting chapters as they come out digitally? PFFT! It ain’t going to work well. All they are doing is giving leechers more leeching methods. That isn’t going to stop people leeching. They need to crack down on those in Japan that post the chapters illegally. Though that might actually take some effort …

    Heck though I can’t talk. I recently just emailed a publisher about a scans site that had their work (this is scanning – not scanlating). That site got closed down so … meh. No honor between pirates?

    Then again though, you had me worried for a second. Then a released “When the hell has Prophet giving a f*ck about ethical scanlation issues?”

  5. Heartswell. says:

    I think this issue is … somewhat amusing and unsettling. I mean . . . I base my whole day on scanlations. . _ . -lacks a life-
    Sure, it’s about the money (like all of these anti-piracy things are), but what annoys me, well irks me to be exact, is that they /assume/ that the only people who read these scanlations are their North American audience and in the same context they assume these series’ will be or are available world-wide.
    Hell, I live in Kuwait. Ya know where that is? Most people don’t. And I’m not American even. D: Yet, I depend mostly on scanlations because I know that no way in God’s blazing hellfire the manga that /I/ read will be released in here. If it was the usually 200 page book would be . . . 50 pages or less? That’s if it’s not burned to ashes and mutilated with a rusty spoon.
    Probably since 70-80% of what I read is yaoi, not the sissy type as well.

    So it’s annoying that they assume we can get mangas that won’t be even published in the States. Even if they released them digitally . . . there’s still, as many people pointed in here:, the chance of people not buying.

    Yeah, I bought/buy some mangas through Amazon and most of them came but . . . do you know how much the shipping alone costs? Pretty much half of the price >_< and some of them don't even arrive (for mysterious reason including post-office staff incompetence and laziness). I'd actually buy more and support the artist if it weren't for:
    1) heavy censorship
    2) less-than-par translation
    3) tampering with ages T_T I mean . . . I can SEE that it's a highschool uniform, I can SEE that the character is not legal . . . I CAN SEE PEOPLE. D:
    4) no local distribution or even an interest in it. Even if the mangas are sold locally (and that's a rarity) they jack up the price from say 8 dollars (normal price for shonen manga) to almost 41 dollars.


  6. Fallen says:

    I know where Kuwait is ^^

    I’m not sure about your country but America is normally great with uncensored stuff these days. They get bashed again and again if they do, so they don’t do it.

    Like I said, companies will get bashed if they do a shit job. I don’t think you release how much training it takes for you to be accepted into a translating position. All companies have PROFESSIONALS there. I’m sorry but most translations from scanlations SUCK. I make an exception with A.k. because he is more than qualified and is traveling overseas for it.

    No, really. I have been to some of the big scanlation sites and their OWNERS have told me that they translate from Chinese. CHINESE. So that is a bad translation from another bad translation. Oh please. And most translators are pocket dictionary translators. So please don’t pull that card because there is no truth.

    Um. Yeah. They don’t tamper with ages unless it needs to be. The latest controversy was Funi and dance in the vampire’s bund. And that is loli – so understandable.

    Yeah. Distribution is hard. In Australia we are lucky to have distributors of American publishers, that is the only draw back.

    I hate to be a bitch Heartswell, but out of your four points only one was valid. The rest was the average bull that most people try and play when people are trying to justify scanlations – which you can’t. Hey I admit I read scanlations, but only of series I can’t get translated. I go and order in my stuff from America.

  7. thresholden says:

    At worst, I’ll resort to old fashion no pay tactics. Go to a bookstore and camp there for a day. Oh wait, they only have crappy pop titles? Well those crappy pop titles are what pay the bill, and that is what they are trying to remove from the interwebs. Removal is a unrealistic goal, at best obscuration of easy online readers and redirecting leechers to their own site would work to regain revenue. As long as they leave mangaupdates, Kotonoha, Hox, and of course this site alone, I don’t care. Some speedscanlator will inevitably pick up the popular titles.

  8. Fallen says:

    @ thresholden

    That is a childish and simplistic way of reacting. Fair enough that is you don’t have access to the stuff – you read it illegally – but to act like such a child is … idiotic. If you can get it – then you can buy it. Though, anyone who scanlates a licensed work are complete fools and dickheads that deserve what is coming for them.

    But as you have commented, you actually have taste. So stick around and enjoy what you can get on the internet before anyone closes the main ones down. Though I think that the bigger scanlation sites will be targeted by the Japanese companies – probably Kotonoha is one of them.

  9. Heartswell says:

    I wasn’t really trying to justify scanlations; just putting in my two cents.
    Some of the points don’t have to be valid or even /points/; they’re just an opinion. It’s understandable. No need to call yourself a bitch.
    But the translation point is not really the actual /translation/ that I have a problem with, just like you said they have professionals, but it’s . . . well, mainly some of the companies have less-than-par /editing/. That’s the word.
    And . . . I don’t really think that tampering with ages is even a worthy point to discuss -shifty eyes- it’s just a remark.
    I do try to actually buy mangas, despite the prices and the fact that I’ve read them before. I, believe it or not, prefer paper in my hands, rather than just scanslations. It’s just that they’re not easy to acess (mail-wise).

  10. No one here has to feel like they’re justifying anything; screw the morality game because that makes everyone heated.

    Fallen: They ain’t stopping leeching to begin with. There’s no option to begin with. You have to do something digitally, otherwise you’re lost in the times. Will it stop piracy forever? Fuck no, but I’ll get to that later down the comment.

    Heartswell: You raise a good point, not everyone’s American and there’s probably no chance your own publishers will do shit. Censoring as well, that’s fucking bullshit. But shit translation? C’mon, for every good scanlation, there’s bound to be ten awful ones. My advice is to raise some hell regardless; by ignoring the series that you feel is localized badly, you’re just letting whatever company get away with it.

    thresholden: This relates to Fallen’s earlier thing: crackdowns on digital piracy just won’t work. Now I don’t want to turn this thing into a whole ‘digital piracy fuck yeah’ spiel……so long story short, it’s the entire youth of the world that you’re dealing with. It’s a fucking plague that’s here to stay and guilt-tripping them into buying your shit will not work because look at the music/movie industry; there’s your shining example of a joke.

    And regarding other things……….Kotonoha’s not getting shut down. They don’t do licensed and they do things that no one else (re: rest of the scan scene) would do. They do things that no fucking publisher would do. They do artists most people wouldn’t give a fuck about. IF they do get shut down……it’ll definitely be due to the Japanese publishers…..and that’ll just turn everyone in the scene against THE MAN. Including us.

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  12. Pikachu says:

    My only issue with scanlation is that I feel like it could really fuck the industry- and I really do enjoy having print releases of manga that I like. :(

    I understand sometimes, though, why some people scanlate licensed series, like the series is censored, or lagging terribly far behind. But still, there are groups that are scanlating things that don’t need to be- because the American release isn’t that far behind, and it’s fine. I think that’s an assholish move on the scanners’ part.

    Anyway, I don’t really have a problem with people doing unlicensed works, because it really can bring a series to the US. I just really like buying licensed releases, and I wish groups would respect the old unwritten rule of ‘once it’s licensed, drop it’

    @Fallen: Thanks so much for pointing that site out! They have Natsume Ono’s Five Leaves? Helll yeah! :D

  13. Scanlation does fuck the industry……when it’s irresponsible like doing licensed material. Maybe the industry deserves to be fucked, I don’t know……but as a scanlation group, we can’t be a part of that. That golden rule of dropping licensed projects……that really is the fine line between black and gray. And if it’s not your black, you make it the black, because without it, where do you stop?

    Then again, keep in mind I’m part of a group that openly states that it has no taboos and is plenty willing and able to smash through convention and fuck the man and so forth. So I’m not exactly unbiased here.

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