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Rabbit Roulette #2

Chiyo is a pirate

Valkyria Chronicles Artbook: On the Gallian Front (English)
Yoshitoshi ABe – Pen Drawings (2007)

Manga Raws
Tsutomu Takahashi – Bakuon Rettou Vol. 1

Doujinshi Raws
TEX-MEX – Fate OVERLORD (2004)

No More Heroes Sound Tracks: Dark Side
The Roots of Gamelan: The First Recordings

prettyprophet: Speaking of piracy, what’s this we got here? Alright, this post is all me because no one’s around to talk about their stuff.

funny_bunny’s Picks

He’s got two this time: circle TEX-MEX’s “Fate OVERLORD” Fate/stay hentai doujinshi (for Ghost, apparently) and the Dark Side remixes to No More Heroes’ OST. You guys might be familiar with Rei Hiroe? Did a little something called Black Lagoon? Well, TEX-MEX is his circle. You guys might be familiar with Masafumi Takada, Norihiko Hibino, Jun Fukuda, Yoshioka Taku Squad, 6955, The Riot: Ikari no 10dai, bloco 23, The Outer Rim, HONDALADY, and NEUTRINO? Well, maybe only the first three. Whatever, Grasshopper Manufacture, yo.

Killer Ink’s Picks

He decided Yoshitoshi ABe for himself this time; chose Pen Drawings, another ABe sketchbook thing. I think Funny actually has a hardcopy of this.

Kawaii Pattycakes’ Picks

She’s been playing Valkyria Chronicles again, so here’s the preorder artbook, in english. Anyone think they’ll come out with more DLC?

nde’s Picks

The Roots of Gamelan: The First Recordings – Bali, 1928 New York, 1941. Jesus, that’s long. Anyways, nde just wanted Colin McPhee’s tracks. It’s piano….at least the McPhee is. This thing’s under “world music”……and Bali, so I don’t know, expect gongs and shit? I didn’t listen to it.

prettyprophet’s Picks

So I checked the downloads for last month’s roulette and it seems artbooks and raws are more popular than anything else. What, no love for Wolf Parade and Harvest Moon? But as you all know, the Rabbits are a reasonable bunch, so here’s a manga raw: Tsutomu Takahashi’s “Bakuon Rettou”. It was a project we had in the backlog ages fucking back…… naturally we never got to it. Then OMFGG did the thing. Don’t know if they’re still doing it, but yeah, here it is, all Japanese, zero scanlation.

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