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ACHTUNG: Pobody’s Nerfect Xcept Rabits

Neon Genesis Rabbit

Leporidae will turn turn everything back to gold.

  • If you ever wanted to see Panzer Dragoon Orta hentai… can thank Funny and Kenno Arkkan for that.
  • Good, something that ain’t porn….but it’s doujinshi so you’d think it would be, huh? Nah, it’s pageratta’s “The Aki Sisters Love 4-koma”, Touhou doujinshi!
  • Speaking of hentai and porn, Funny wrote some more erotica….“Angels with Slimed Faces”…….take a guess at what’s in it. And guess what? There’s even artwork by idlecil. Enjoy.
  • Gun Frontier, chapter 5! Leiji Matsumoto, thank god for that. Enough with all that filthy pornography……in with the rape and racism and the wild, wild west.
  • But that’s alright, because we got ourselves a chibi Captain Harlock, courtesy of schwarz-gold.
  • And then I rant about porn, sex, and sexuality.
  • If you haven’t noticed a theme this month, there’s a lot of sexuality talk. Here, ignore the words, have some Incubus x Baphomet demon sex, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne style. Yes, it would be labeled yaoi even though Baphomet’s a hermaphrodite thing. Cheers, Ed and Ink. This came from the hand of myu-san.
  • “ZAN”, Gundam ZZ hentai doujinshi from Studio Mizuyokan, artist Higashitotsuka Rai Suta, what a mouthful. Commission from freelunch.
  • Oh look, another one of Funny’s artwork commissions, this time Mass Effect 2 x Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey…..and in a way, this crossover makes sense. I guess. EDI x Arthur! And it’s not even sex-filled. schwarz-gold did this because Funny loves her chibis.
  • On topic of fucked up crossovers, Azumanga Daioh x Blazblue: Calamity Trigger. Mr. Tadakichi x Noel Vermillion…….and it’s plenty sex-filled. idlecil did this because Funny loves his porn.
  • Oh yeah, wasn’t there some sort of war going on? In Burma, was it?
  • Patalliro!, chapter 25……fucking hell, thank you Moon Rabbit for some manga. And thank you Onadoru for a manga with ten year olds trying to grind on 20-something aliens!
  • Rabbit Roulette #2, not updating the links should they die, so don’t bitch to me about that, artbook raws, manga raws, doujinshi raws, music raws.
  • Another Funny commission, MGS: Rising version Raiden licking a spine. Does it surprise you the first thing Funny thought of when seeing that trailer was this? If so, welcome to Wonderland. Done by dark-tarou. Wasn’t this for Pat?
  • ……and back to something outright sexual with Odin tearing into Loki with his Gungnir. No, really, that wasn’t a euphemism. Ero-chibi-guro from schwarz-gold……finally figured out why Funny loves schwarz-gold, huh?
  • ICO DOUJINSHI! I’m emphasizing this one because unlike all the other commissions, this is a full-on comic collab between Funny and Kenno Arkkan… I guess I’ll pimp it out for them. Ico fans, hook up with these two, make an Ico fancomic/doujinshi/whatever you want to call it. 4-panel soul, yo.
  • What kind of group was the Rabbits again? Oh yeah, scanlation. My Street, chapter 7! After a long fucking hiatus, it’s back! Who even remembers this thing, eh? Well, Rabbits and Illuminati do.
  • We also remember okama……so here’s the okama quota of the month: “A Certain Student’s Lesgun”, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun yuri doujinshi. Circle collab between UB (okama’s) and 20LIQUID (Madara Sai’s). Lesbianism! Bunch of characters I don’t know railing each other in various fetishy ways.
  • But don’t you yaoi folk feel left out…..“Strawberry Drops”, Persona 4 yaoi doujinshi, circle Sorauta, artist Yori Ayanami. Remember a long while back we did a P4 doujinshi from this same circle and I said they made Yosuke so feminine it couldn’t really be called yaoi? Well, here’s Yosuke again… full-on schoolgirl mode.
  • RECRUITING! Join up, make writing these achtungs even more tedious for me.

prettyprophet: Fucking ACHTUNG.

nde: Tired?

prettyprophet: And headache. Ugh, fuck you Funbuns. Did I forget anything in the list?

nde: I don’t know.

prettyprophet: I have no idea what we were supposed to talk about now.

nde: Passing Fancy?

prettyprophet: PASSING FANCY! Buy some school uniforms from there, cosplay as Yosuke!

nde: Translators.

prettyprophet: Translators, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, join up! Also editors of all kinds! We’ll even train you, duty-free!

nde: I think that’s it.

prettyprophet: Yeah, who knows what the hell’s going on for next month. I mean, who even knows if we’ll make it, what with this war going on. It’s real serious shit, ain’t it?

nde: Is it?

prettyprophet: Nah, it’s fucking not. Games! I started up P4 last night again. Probably should finish off Strange Journey though.

nde: I started watching Avatar. The cartoon series.

prettyprophet: Hold on, get back to fucking games.

nde: Oh. Fragile.

prettyprophet: Alright, how’s Avatar?

nde: Just started.

prettyprophet: Eh, I guess I may as well start watching that too. But fuck the movie.

nde: Racebending.

prettyprophet: Fucking racebending.

nde: Anime Expo is on right now.

prettyprophet: Really? You think Pat forgot?

nde: She didn’t.

prettyprophet: She’s probably crying in a dark room. Heh.

nde: Ed’s taking her to NY next week.

prettyprophet: Does she know?

nde: Don’t think so.

prettyprophet: Hey Patty, if you read this before you leave, remember not to go to any pizza places and get drunk. Oh, and you’re going to NY. Surprise!

nde: She doesn’t read the ACHTUNGs.

prettyprophet: Who does? Actually no, people read the “War on Scanlation” one for some reason.

nde: Because we’re a scanlation group?

prettyprophet: Yeah, but what the fuck do we know about the situation? We’re not in the shit, at least not yet.

nde: Maybe they think we will be.

prettyprophet: Aw, thanks for caring you guys. Now fuck off, let’s end this thing.

nde: Bye.

prettyprophet: Pride Month, done. With only two releases. Kinda sad. Let’s try to get more for next year, yeah?


  1. Fallen says:

    I read the ACHTUNG! I read it D:

  2. Alright alright, NON-rabbits reading this thing.

  3. No Comment says:

    Read or die

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