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ATENCION: War on Scanlation Escalates, War on Terrorism Showcased in Another Blog


Completely formal and official statement on the current scanlation situation.

No, seriously.

This is Prophet, speaking for the Rabbits. As you all might know, the International Coalition of Manga Companies are finally taking down online manga readers, regardless of licensing. Does this mean they’ll be targeting the actual scanlation groups now? Maybe. If anything, it’d be semi-smart to do that; hydra or not, you cut off enough heads and suture the wounds, it’s done. But they won’t just cut off licensed heads, will they? No, companies don’t discriminate because they’re blind; they’ll swing and hit anything in that general direction. So yeah, some groups are scared……and they ALL should be. You can get taken down at anytime. Ain’t that scary?

So this is how the Rabbits are going to deal:

1) The latest feature of the Rabbit Roulette’s over. No point in giving them more ammo to fire on us.

2) If we get a C&D on a series, that series is done.

3) If we get a C&D on the Reich, the Reich is done.

4) ……..oh to hell with this, this shit ain’t my style.

Alright, listen up kids, we’re not changing a goddamn thing except the roulette. That was just a way to get active uploader status so we could spend the extra money on getting more doujinshi.

See, IF we get a C&D on a series, yeah, sure, we’d take that project off. Why the fuck not? There’s other fish in the sea, yo. And we sure as hell aren’t getting C&Ds on doujinshi, so there’s one thing to fall back on. But a takedown on the Reich…..well, that’s a different tune. Yeah, sure, the Reich’ll kowtow to that; when I wrote that for 3), I meant it. Guess what? There’ll always be some Rabbit somewhere……and then they’ll multiply again. Let me ask you something: how many words starting with ‘R’ do you know?

Yeah, groups should be fucking scared. But why are you? You made a scanlation group; you knew this would happen at one point or another. Is it RIGHT that this is happening? Don’t ask me, I live by my own rules. To the companies, it’s not right so they will try to fuck your ass. Are they right? Probably not. Are you right? Probably not. We’re all just caught up in the new age of copyright, like when Gutenberg changed the game. Thank ARPA, eh?

Let’s be honest here: why the FUCK are YOU worried? I don’t mean our fellow scanlation groups. I mean YOU, the reader who’s not involved in the scene at all aside from enjoying the labor of near-anonymous individuals. “Oh boohoohoo, woe is my life, I can’t get free manga no more!” C’mon, it’s not like the companies are chasing after you or suing dead people like the RIAA. Yeah, maybe it’ll get to that level…….but seeing how no one really gives a shit about manga outside of Japan, YOU will probably be fine. It’s the scanlation groups, the databases, the distribution….all of them will be the ones to bite the bullet. All you have to worry about it finding another way to access them. And hey! I’ll TELL you a way right here: GO TO THE GROUP’S FUCKING SITE. Course, the only people who’ll read this post are our own loyal Rabbit readers, who already go to our site, so I’m just preaching to the choir, aren’t I? But maybe you’re a lost child, curious on the War on Scanlation® and you stumbled here (yeah, I know, it’s pretty funny how ‘war on scanlation’ in Google has the Rabbits of all people on the first page). Well, start going to your favorite groups’ sites from now on instead of using these online readers. “But that takes too much time!” Yeah, because your life is just that helter skelter! Fuck off, if you got the time to even READ to begin with, you got the time to hit up the groups. “It’s just inconvenient!” You know what’s also inconvenient? Running a scanlation group. “But you WANT to run a scanlation group!” And you WANT to read manga! So we’re all making sacrifices here.

Again, we’re not changing anything unless we’re forced to. I’ve said it before: no one gives a shit about the Rabbits, and that’s both in the good and the bad way. I’m under the impression that we’re small enough to dodge the incoming volleys……but I could be wrong. Maybe instead of pissing off the companies, we’ll piss off some uptight moral guardian. So keep this in mind: if we ever stop posting releases on Manga-Updates without warning (or they get shut down), PAY ATTENTION TO OUR RSS FEED. Or just drop by the site every so often. Or idle in the IRC channel. Or hang out in the forums (which don’t have many people hanging, by the way). Safehouses, yo.

Anyways, I wasted enough time with this. I got scanlating to do.


  1. asdfffdsa says:

    Until the end!

  2. angel_guerrera says:

    (I’m sorry for my bad english, my native language is spanish)

    I really like your style, prettyprophet! :D

    I stumble across this site for the scanlations of Patalliro! but I really get hooked with the rants… (although I just have read two, pfffft! :P this one and the other one about pornography), and i really like them!

    I hope the storm of scanlations passes quickly. I really appreciate the hard work you do scanning and translating and editting and putting all togheter. Thanks to the efforts of groups like yours, we can have access to a various titles that otherwise we never have heard of.

    For example, Patalliro. Thanks to the efforts of Emeryl and you guys, we can enjoy that wonderful work! And thinking seriously, would a company want to licenced it? of course not! (or maybe they wanted to licenced it, but not translating it :p) because they’ll think “what for? There are a lot of new manga, with better drawings, without the embarrasment of BL and with SENSE!” They don’t care about the humor just for the sake of the humor :(

    Well, I’ll be around. I’m sorry for my crappy english, I would like to say more, but it takes me two hours to write just this much buahahahaha! I mean, it takes me a lot to think in english… not just to think… bleh… (or i just coud write in spanish and then translate it, but when I’m gonna learn english then? excuses… excuses…)

  3. Thanks for reading the rants; glad to know people do.

    Anyways, as far as I can tell, no group’s been C&Ded publicly, so chances are, everyone’s just running scared. I can tell you that the Rabbits aren’t; we’re out of the licensed game and chances are, majority of what we do won’t be licensed. And even if everything we do gets licensed (not likely), we’ve got doujinshi……and that’s NEVER going to be licensed. So yeah, asd, until the end.

    And angel, thanks for taking the time to write that. Our releases’ll teach you more english, that’s for sure………or not.

  4. No Comment says:

    I like you guys, you’re good people. And it’s always interesting to read through the posts here. Also, my internet has been dead for all of July and that’s why I haven’t been idle in irc for a while. And it probably won’t be back anytime soon so I’m stuck on a phone browser. I miss manga and irc.

  5. Me says:

    I love you.

  6. angel_guerrera says:


    Thanks for your answer! And I’m really glad you’ll never give up! So, we, the leechers, will never give up searching for scanlations :P
    And yes, I do want do learn more english and the scanlations are very helpfull :D
    that’s why I’m downloading a lot of your works, rabbits xD xD

    By the way, I saw your forum and the story of the bunnys is quite interesting! And i really liked the site of a.k. too!

    Well, I’ll be around! Nice to meet you!

  7. No Comment: Heh, good people? Yeah right. But I’ll let Funny know about your irc thing. Speaking of phones though, anyone think we should get into the ‘reading manga’ off phones deal? What’s the optimal res for that?

    Me: Thanks, Me.

    angel: Kick back, browse around. We got more good times incoming.

  8. Cronopio says:

    Long live the rabbits

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