Liberty, Lunacy, Love

Cat’s World ~ Ch. 05

You need detector units

“Hope the passion don’t fade
Since you decided he’s your spouse
Wheeling, dealing
Joking ‘things will change, girl’
Have I failed to impress you?
Could’ve sworn that wine
And one and four made two
But it’s 5!
It is 5!”

prettyprophet: Chapter 5. Shit gets real. Also starring Jessia’s debut, our newest cleaner! Cat lady on Cat’s World. okama, represent.

nde: One chapter left for the first volume.

prettyprophet: So now that you’re done Avatar, what’ll you do next?

nde: I think Farscape. I haven’t seen it since it was on TV.

prettyprophet: Hahaha, oh man, Funny was pissed about that.

nde: Was he?

prettyprophet: Well, you know, his version of being pissed off. Alright, readers, Starcraft 2, a bunch of the Rabbits are all over that, yeah? Me and nde, didn’t get it, not going to bother saying why…….but yeah, Funny needed a name for his account and nde was the one installing it onto Funny’s computer for whatever reason. So the account making thing pops up and Funbuns is all like, “Pick something for me”……..

nde: And I was thinking about Farscape. So I named the account Crichton.

prettyprophet: Guess what? Turns out you can make only one account per key. Funny’s stuck with that shit now. Ha! I fucking laugh at that.

nde: It’s a sci-fi name.

prettyprophet: And now your friendship’s shattered, eh?

nde: Yes.

prettyprophet: Maybe I’ll check out Heart of the Swarm when that hits……whenever.

nde: But there’s Valkyria Chronicles 2 first.

prettyprophet: Hell yeah there is. Then Etrian Odyssey 3 after that!……which I don’t give a shit about; that’s Pat and Funny’s deal.

nde: I wanted it.

prettyprophet: Well yeah, I know you’re getting it. I ain’t stopping you but don’t expect me to chip in on that.

nde: If they made a console version?

prettyprophet: Maybe. Makes more sense…, those RPGs ain’t portable one bit.

nde: Even Strange Journey?

prettyprophet: Yeah, especially Strange Journey. And that’s why I’m Infinite Spacing it up. Still. Shit, longass game.

nde: I’m going to play Mass Effect.

prettyprophet: Again?

nde: First.

prettyprophet: Oh. Hey, do a Liara save, I don’t think I have any.

nde: You’d use it?

prettyprophet: Liara DLC, yo.

nde: Forgot about that.

prettyprophet: Alright, we’re totally off topic now. Peace out.

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