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3magi’s [Derringer Days]

Bishie boys make us BEARY HOT

“What can we do but keep getting higher?
We’re taking them drugs to keep from the liars
No one ever said it would be this packed with shit
All the white man keep the rabbit in the bag with it”

funny_bunny: Take your MEGATEN MONTH and CHOKE on its sweet nectar of APOCALYPTIA and BEAUTY. It changes NOTHING!

nde: Circle 3magi’s “Derringer Days”. We think the artist is magiko. It’s a short P4 doujinshi with light shounen ai between Teddie and Yosuke.

funny_bunny: Ted in BISH form!

nde: Yeah.

funny_bunny: WARRRRRRRRRRR.

nde: Wasn’t this from last year?

funny_bunny: Yes indeedy! DANKE GHOSTY!

nde: Ok.

funny_bunny: NOW SCHEME WITH ME, NEUTRAL NDE! Let us ally and end this struggle with a DECISIVE BLOW!

nde: No.

funny_bunny: BAH, DO NOT FORCE ME TO CATER TO YOUR FETISHES AND PERVERSIONS…humiliating you…blackmailing you…into doing all sorts of decadent things…the Rabbits will not know what sick games we shall play, not matter how desperately you attempt to reach out to them; YOU WILL BE MINE.

nde: Everyone knows already.

funny_bunny: Ah! Very true! Mayhaps I shall simply wrap you up in a fine blue dress…and I take your silence as consent! What a wonderful transaction!

nde: Megaten Month.


nde: I thought this involved both of us regardless of my stance.

funny_bunny: Why yes, but now it is official. OFFICIAL!

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  1. [...] Derringer Days, semi-shounen ai P4 doujinshi by Magiko. Teddie x Yosuke! Man, Teddie’d be on anyone though. Heh, if we had another two P4 releases, pretty sure we could’ve shoved in the P4 Month tag too. [...]

  2. phyrigia says:

    thank you so much!

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