Liberty, Lunacy, Love

Sadomi Strikes Back ~ Ch. 0001-0010


“Hello again, friend of a friend, I knew you when
Our common goal was waiting for the world to end
Now that the truth is just a rule that you can bend
You crack the whip, shape-shift and trick the past again”

prettyprophet: Well, snap. What’s this we got?

nde: Sadomi.


Lavie Rhap: pageratta’s “Sadomi the Sadist Girl Strikes Back”; quite a mouthful.

prettyprophet: And you can blame Lavie and Funbuns for that.

Lavie Rhap: How long did we ponder over the title?

prettyprophet: Ok, so pageratta had it as “Shin Sadist Girl Sadomi” or something like that. You know, how “shin” = “new/true” in Japanese, like…..oh I don’t know, SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI. So Ghost is all, “Let’s just leave it as Shin Sadomi”.


prettyprophet: Funny and I both vetoed it to keep everything in English……I was in favor of “Sadomi Returns”… know, like “The Cat Returns”.

Lavie Rhap: And in favor of the Star Wars sequel, I promoted “Sadomi Strikes Back”.

funny_bunny: And I liked STRIKES BACK because of ze S!

prettyprophet: Which is fucking bullshit because “Sadomi the Sadist Girl Strikes Back” is long as fucking hell.

Lavie Rhap: In casual conversation it’s acceptable to say “Sadomi Strikes Back”.

prettyprophet: Yeah, but we made the proper title “Sadomi the Sadist Girl” for the first one.

funny_bunny: Both are still TWO syllables! …so we MUST use “Strikes Back” because ALLITERATION!

prettyprophet: Fine, whatever.

nde: There was also “Sadomi the Sadist Girl Part II” and “Sadomi the Sadist Girl Zwei”.

Lavie Rhap: Referring to “The Godfather Part II” and “Herzog Zwei”, respectively.

funny_bunny: Also…WAR ON NOBLESSE!

prettyprophet: Who now?


nde: It’s a manwha.


prettyprophet: Anyways, here’s the first strip which we’ve called a chapter even though I guess it’s ten strips a set this time……so wouldn’t this technically be a chapter? Whatever, here’s strip number one:

The Rabbits bring you...Sadomi the Sadist Girl Strikes Back #1

funny_bunny: Now! Get sadistic!

prophet edit: Almost forgot a shout out to PZKPFW, who tipped us off to pageratta making a Sadomi sequel. Thanks!

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  1. Mae says:

    Pageratta! Awesome. Thanks a bunch.

  2. toata says:

    Strikes Back! Awesome, thanks for the scans and trans!

  3. Awesome, in the original dog’s bollocks sense, is the only word for something like Sadomi.

  4. Fallen says:


    My friends will be happy to here this :D

  5. animekritik says:

    Cool! And hey, little Emeraldas is on the header!!

  6. Fallen says:

    What I want to know if you guys don’t like Japanese names then why “Sayanora Japan”? Shouldn’t it be “Goodbye Japan”?

    Hmm …

  7. Well, you’re going to have to ask Funny on that one, but……..according nde’s own explanation (which would probably be official explanation since he scripedited the thing), it was to “juxtapose two languages against each other, which was the situation for any immigrant to America that spoke non-English”.

    As for Sadomi…..I think we’ve slipped enough Megaten references throughout our releases that we can skip this one.

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