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ACHTUNG: A Rotten Reich Gonna Blow Up In Its Face



  • okama’s Cat’s World chapter 5. Hey, nearing the end of the volume.
  • P3: Choke My Dread by Gooey……aw, thanks, you idiots.
  • P3 hentai doujinshi: P3;TRIO by Darabuchi…….aw, fuck off, you idiots. Guess this was the thing that set off the Rabbit Summer War? Funny’s fantastic BIRTH MONTH against……..something. Joint with Brolen.
  • Itokoto! by Inoue Kiyoshirou, hentai joint with Anonygoo. Hey, loving incestuous sex! Ain’t that a kicker. And this was the release that set off the week-long release flood…….for a number of reasons.
  • Food Girls! Chapter 8, Coffee’s time to shine. C’mon okama, where’s the sequel? Get some tea up in this piece.
  • Yukiko’s Household Circumstances by Uchi-Uchi Keyaki…….hey, this P4 doujinshi’s familiar. Wonder where we saw it…….oh that’s right, as a fuck you to Ed. And here it is again, proper. Looks like MEGATEN MONTH’s going up against Birth Month, yeah?
  • Derringer Days, semi-shounen ai P4 doujinshi by Magiko. Teddie x Yosuke! Man, Teddie’d be on anyone though. Heh, if we had another two P4 releases, pretty sure we could’ve shoved in the P4 Month tag too.
  • Let’s Go to Antarctica!…….STRANGE JOURNEY hentai doujinshi by Hidemaso/Hidematsu. Definitely Megaten Month.
  • Sayonara Japan, Chapter 1. New manga by Katsuhiro Otomo aka Mr. AKIRA……..also new joint with Kaichou! Good job, Funny, giving us another series to work on! It’s not like we have a fuckton of other projects on hand!
  • Speaking of projects, GUN FRONTIER 6. Leiji Matsumoto, wild wet west. Really, it’s another sex and violence filled chapter, as if that’s surprising.
  • Speaking of sex, Funbuns drags us back to the Cowslip with Banquet, Blazblue hentai doujinshi, by Yuu Kajima. Rachel x Noel. Yep. By the way, Funbuns decided it’d be Futa Month with this one. Because we could use another theme in this single month.
  • Finally, Clan Takuran, a doujinshi that follows the whole “birth month” scheme. Abalone Soft, Modae-tei, Macross Frontier, Clan Clang, Vajra, Funny’s a fucking idiot. Joint with Brolen.
  • Patalliro! Chapter 26, more boys love to beat back all the hentai. Joint with Onadoru Euphoria like usual.
  • More! Play With Rikku!! X-2, a…….FINAL FANTASY doujinshi? The fuck just happened? The sacrifices Funny makes for Birth Month, huh? …….and hey, it’s another joint with Brolen!
  • pageratta’s Sadomi the Sadist Girl returns……..or as they wanted it, STRIKES BACK. Chapters/strips 1-10 right here.
  • …..and to close off the month, “Dirge of the Colossal Gal”……Colossal Girl fanart…….of the Shadow of the Colossus doujinshi fanart….by Immp, commissioned by Funny (who else?). Well, at least we dodged the birthing Colossi bullet.

prettyprophet: Fuck.

funny_bunny: Frell!

Lavie Rhap: Hello, this month’s wrap-up ACHTUNG will be a special one, as it will decide the outcome of the current civil war the Rabbits are undergoing.

prettyprophet: Well, no, it’s going to need our readers to REALLY decide it.

funny_bunny: Let the world be our witness!

Lavie Rhap: If that is the case, let this sway the tides of war. To begin, what are the respective factions?

funny_bunny: Join me and my TRUE RABBIT REVOLUTION!

prettyprophet: No, we’re the revolutionaries. You’re the fuhrer, remember?

funny_bunny: Ooooooooooooo yes. DOWN WITH UPSTARTS! LONG LIVE THE REICH!

prettyprophet: Ok, so the situation was…..and is……..Funny wanted to take over August with “Birth Month”.

funny_bunny: To celebrate BIRTH!

prettyprophet: So I said fuck that. And guess what? When Ed did P3;TRIO, he also said fuck that and quit. Seems like that inspired holstein to do the same.

funny_bunny: TRAITOROUS WENCH.

prettyprophet: And now she won’t work with Funny. Ha! God, I laugh at your defections.

funny_bunny: Don’t be silly, oh petty prophet, have I not the BLACK OPS at my beck and call?

prettyprophet: Yeah, let’s see how long that lasts. Anyways, three birthing releases out of FOURTEEN releases. Fuck off, that is not a theme month. Megaten has four releases on its own.

funny_bunny: Ah, but it is not about QUANTITY but QUALITY!

prettyprophet: That Macross had less than twenty pages.

funny_bunny: Oh? And ze Megaten were less than twenty pages apiece! Would that not be even?

prettyprophet: Three releases does not make a fucking theme month.

funny_bunny: FINAL FANTASY DOUJINSHI. That alone is worth A THOUSAND.

prettyprophet: Which you didn’t even want in there but had to shove it in to get Pat on your side.

funny_bunny: AND IT WORKED!

prettyprophet: So what? I still win.


prettyprophet: Look, the condition for you to win was to PULL OFF BIRTH MONTH. You didn’t, therefore you lose, therefore I win. End of the story, end of the war.

funny_bunny: Guerrilla warfare is very unbecoming of you, pretty Prophet… whatever happened to DECISIVE BATTLE?

prettyprophet: Hey, there were no conditions for ME to win. As long as you couldn’t do birth month, I win. I wasn’t the one on the offense! Defense always has it easier.

funny_bunny: But the best defense…IS M&M BALL.

prettyprophet: Oh god, SC terms.

funny_bunny: You seem to forget, however…your UNSPOKEN goal was overwhelm MOI in a rush of translations! But DID IT??

prettyprophet: Oh hell no, you dug your own fucking grave.

funny_bunny: Who was the typesetter for alllllll the releases?

prettyprophet: Because you wanted to, for fuck’s sake!

funny_bunny: Who INSINUATED that they would not get done IF NOT FOR MOI?

prettyprophet: C’mon Funny, I’d have thought you less suggestible.

funny_bunny: I am ALWAYS suggestive!

prettyprophet: Doesn’t change the fact that Birth Month failed.

funny_bunny: Tsk tsk tsk tsk, and that does not change the fact that wars have many, many objectives. But I say, Birth Month HAS NOT failed!

prettyprophet: THREE RELEASES.

Lavie Rhap: And so, readers, what do you think? Who won the 2010 Rabbit Summer War? funny_bunny, our whimsical leader, or prettyprophet, our passionate propaganda minister?

prettyprophet: And exercising my powers as propaganda head, here’s a poll on the side.

Lavie Rhap: A bit biased, don’t you think?

funny_bunny: Ohohoho, let her have her PATHETIC AGITPROP. GOOD IS DEAD, EVIL IS BEAUTY!

prettyprophet: The Revolution ain’t Good either, cunt.

Lavie Rhap: When shall this bitter bloodshed be resolved? Only you can decide!

prettyprophet: Or whenever we get bored.



  1. yamiangie says:

    wait there’s a civil war going on? god I to know these things so i don’t go wandering into minefields

  2. Fallen says:

    Prophet wins, clearly.

    Because she is so f*cking awesome.

    The end.

    (And you know the whole thing about not getting any sort of releases …)

  3. yam: Don’t worry about, just vote for me.

    Fallen: Thanks, I’d like to think your word is the final word on the issue. But don’t let that stop anyone else from voting for me.

    Point is: Vote for Team Awesome aka me. Or Internet. As long as Funny doesn’t win.

  4. Ghost says:

    Mama, Papa, stop it! You’re tearing this family apart!

  5. funny_bunny says:


    Do not worry though, Mommy Buns will protect all of you!

  6. What, dysfunctional families are all common now. Ghost, get back in your cupboard. Funny, don’t make me beat the shit out of you.

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