Liberty, Lunacy, Love

Cat’s World ~ Ch. 06

Lend me your meat


prettyprophet: That’s right, releasing in the middle of the day for once.

funny_bunny: Now now, did I not release not at usual time last time?

prettyprophet: Yeah, but you had to. And that was a fucked release that needs a version 2 now. Fucker.

funny_bunny: But WHAT a release!

prettyprophet: So that’s why we release whenever now.

funny_bunny: BWAH.

prettyprophet: Shut up. “Cat’s World”! Chapter 6! End of the first volume of okama’s non-hentai manga.

funny_bunny: HEY, I used American Psycho before!

prettyprophet: So? This quote’s apt.

funny_bunny: What defiance! It makes me wish you would WIN THE WAR.

prettyprophet: I AM winning. Check the votes.

funny_bunny: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? It’s tie!

prettyprophet: Internet. I told you, as long as you don’t win, I win. Not to mention, I’m on top.

funny_bunny: Ah, but to be on top requires exertion on YOUR part, not moi’s!

prettyprophet: Alright, we’re stopping here.

funny_bunny: NO.

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  1. Ghost says:

    … Go on. Continue.

  2. No Comment says:

    Good stuff. Thanks.

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