Liberty, Lunacy, Love

Acony ~ “Open the Door”, Vol. 2


“We used to wait for it
We used to wait for it
Now we’re screaming
Sing the chorus again

I used to wait for it
I used to wait for it
Hear my voice screaming
Sing the chorus again”

prettyprophet: She’s back, kids.


prettyprophet: Kei Toume’s “Acony”! Rabbits! Volume 2! Chapter “Open the Door” prologue!

funny_bunny: What’s THAT, you may say? Has there not been an “Open the Door” in ze past?

prettyprophet: Well download this one and find out what it’s all about.

funny_bunny: TIME TRAVEL.

prettyprophet: Speaking of time, yo……….took over one year to get to this. For that, the Rabbits apologize. To all you readers, it’s been a long wait…..we’re sorry. But you know what? To hell with you guys, here’s an even more important apology: Kevin, this took a longass time…….it was actually expected, but still. If you’re wondering who Kevin is, he’s the Acony fan who took it upon himself to SEND THE DAMN BOOK to us to scan, free of charge. And guess what store it came from?

funny_bunny: Black Books? Buy n Large? Babeland?

prettyprophet: PASSING FANCY!

funny_bunny: PASSING FANCY!

prettyprophet: You scanlate? You talk to them. You just want raws? You talk to them.

funny_bunny: AND COSPLAY!

prettyprophet: Cosplay as a snake lady.

funny_bunny: WITH GLASSES. Oooooooooooooooooo ssssssssnakes!

prettyprophet: That’s what Acony’s got. Also, this chapter’s got the debut of jujube!

funny_bunny: Go go juju!

prettyprophet: Cleaned it all by herself, ’cause she’s a big girl now.

funny_bunny: Oh pervert Prophet!

prettyprophet: See Duck, this is what happens when you ain’t around. Your fault, biatch.

funny_bunny: RED ROOMS IN ACONY.

prettyprophet: Alright, I’m ending this disjointed as shit post. Volume 1 of Acony’s over here, in case this is your first bite.

funny_bunny: Savor her! She’s so DARK AND FILLING!

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  1. GiggLz says:

    Oooh, this looks very interesting! Thank you soo much for sharing ^_^


  2. Mindflayer says:

    Thank you, especially Kevin for providing raws, very much!

  3. asdfffdsa says:


  4. No Comment says:

    Oh yes, more Acony. Awesome. And thanks.

  5. And thanks to all of you for still remembering her. Been a long time coming, this one.

  6. angel_guerrera says:

    Now I’m curious about this work. Taking both volumes! xD xD xD thanks so much for your hard work!!

  7. Hey, we started the series (ok, Eternal Blue started the series) so we’re continuing the series. If there’s a volume three, and there has to be, unless Acony gets canceled, we’re doing that too.

  8. Arpad ( aka Kevin) says:

    I will be happy to send you guys VOL 3 when it becomes available. Thanks for the amazing job on this series!

  9. And we’ll be happy to keep Acony going. Thanks for the amazing generosity.

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