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ACHTUNG: The Last Days of the Rabbits


…Or is it?

prettyprophet: Well, damn. We finally cut back on the releases, didn’t we?

nde: Yeah.

prettyprophet: A break well deserved, if you ask me. Shit, you guys don’t want us to burn out, do you?

nde: Poll results were Beauty – 11, Revelry – 11, and Decadence – 8.

prettyprophet: Now that’s surprising, porn losing out. Then again, it’s not like we said, “Yo, Decadence = porn”. Oh wait, we did. Also, why the hell isn’t the poll archive showing up? Screw it, I ain’t bothering to fix it.

nde: New poll?

prettyprophet: Think of something.

nde: Rabbit mangaka.

prettyprophet: Alright, there’s the list, pick who you will.

nde: Should Yoshitoshi Abe be on it?

prettyprophet: Eh, we’ve only done like what, two ‘chapters’ worth? Sorry Abe.

nde: I would say okama.

prettyprophet: Me too, but hey, okama bias. Anyways, truth is, reason why October didn’t have diddly squat for releases was because I got sick, which made nde sick, then Funny got sick….for like, a day, then he kept playing Big Bang Age…..then New Vegas came out and he jumped on that…….ak’s busy as hell with his classes, Ghost got broke, Lavie’s working, and everyone else ran off. Oh, and I’m playing Valkyria Chronicles 2, because……fuck man, I am exhausted.

nde: Disgaea Infinite.

prettyprophet: Damn kid, taking my PSP time.

nde: Couldn’t find Atelier on sale.

prettyprophet: So yeah, things just kinda crashed to a halt for a while. Sorry, Funbuns’ll take the blame for it this time.

nde: Only this time?

prettyprophet: Seriously, Funny, fuck off, you can’t even release ONE thing without us? Fucking idiot.

nde: He’s been working on his project.

prettyprophet: What, another one?

nde: Yeah.

prettyprophet: Brilliant. So yeah, Rabbits’ll be quiet for some time longer, figure out where we’re at. …….Who knows how long that’ll take.

nde: Maybe forever.

prettyprophet: Maybe tomorrow. Peace out.


  1. yamiangie says:

    i was just thinking it was a very light month.

  2. Takoto says:

    I was wondering why there were hardly any updates compared to most months… xD

  3. To be fair, a couple releases a month was the usual back in the bad old days……and then….something happened.

  4. Ghost says:

    Maybe if you break me again I’ll be fixed.

  5. Pretty sure Funny’s working on that.

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