Liberty, Lunacy, Love

Acony ~ Ch. 08

This ain't creepy one bit

“And I don’t miss my little Golden Age
‘Cause the body takes the heart, takes the heart
From place to place
But this place still stands, this place remains unchanged
And you can’t go back
Oh, who would want to anyway”

prettyprophet: Republic’s back, yo.

funny_bunny: WITH APLOMB.

prettyprophet: Because we’re the Good, chea?

nde: The Revolution never caught on.

prettyprophet: Hey, I still use it.

funny_bunny: ACONY! ACONY! ACONY! Chapter 8! Brought to you the way only RABBITS can do!

prettyprophet: Kei Toume, much love. And much love to ARPAD, who bought Volume 2 with his hard-earned cash……bought from PASSING FANCY!


nde: All girls. And I just got a coat.


prettyprophet: Quit the all caps or I’ll cut off your whore fingers.

funny_bunny: Now you, oh Prophet…you keep your pretty mouth OPEN.

prettyprophet: So, you want to talk about the Yotsuba Method?

funny_bunny: Oh yes! Rabbit Decree! From henceforth, “Acony”, Kei Toume’s sexy spiritual saga, shall be graced with the SFX editing stylings of YOTSUBA VIA ADV.

prettyprophet: Which means we just put the sfx translation next to the actual sfx. It’s faster that way.

nde: Started last chapter. Called “Yotsuba Method” because…..funny got it from reading Yotsuba.

prettyprophet: Yeah. Didn’t say anything though because, you know, didn’t want to take away from the moment.

funny_bunny: Of getting FRESH and CLEAN Acony!

prettyprophet: Not this time. It’s our anniversary! Not like anyone gives a fuck!

funny_bunny: NONSENSE, it is Rabbity triumph of wills! For a thousand years and more we shall reign RIGHTEOUS!

nde: Republic anniversary. Not Reich.

prettyprophet: Or even Revelry. And not like anyone keeps up on the Club’s, poor porno site.

funny_bunny: Has your mind not been confuzzed yet? If not, you are ever so worthy of this scanlation! DOWNLOAD, AND BE OF GOOD CHEER!

prettyprophet: That sums up the Rabbits. ak translated like usual; if you don’t send us Harlock yaoi by the bucketloads, he’ll burn Acony down.

funny_bunny: AND LAVIE QCED! You’re a treasure, Lavie! Let’s watch more Last Exile!

prettyprophet: Man, I don’t want to TS anymore. Especially not porn.

funny_bunny: Tsk tsk, now now, no need to get so RANDY from our workings!

prettyprophet: What’d I say about your whore fingers?

funny_bunny: COURTESAN fingers. They are COURTESAN.

nde: A Rabbit release.

funny_bunny: GOOD IS DEAD.

prettyprophet: And Beauty is Good. So what does that tell you?

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  1. Athos says:

    Most appreciated.

    Sorry, I… I have this habit where if I read a particularly good manga I start stalking the group until they drop it or finish the series.

    Please don’t mind me. Thanks again.

  2. noko says:

    thank you for the scans

  3. animekritik says:

    Wait, Harlock yaoi?!

  4. Athos: On account of our release rate…..I’d say you’d be stalking a hell of a time.

    noko: Much appreciated. Throw some love to ARPAD for buying the scans.

    ak: Damn straight.

  5. No Comment says:

    Yay Acony. Thanks.

  6. beru says:

    Thanks for everything, but especially Acony!

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