Liberty, Lunacy, Love

Gun Frontier ~ Ch. 08

Cowboy DP XXX Arthouse

“This is America, where a lying, cheating degenerate like myself can prosper.”

7672359440: Gun Frontier’s chapter 8, typeset by me. Funny taught me!

prettyprophet: So the crew meets some rainbow men, chillax in a free town, someone gets raped (ten points for guessing who), and fools get shot and slashed.

7672359440: Now we do tangents and develop rapport.

prettyprophet: Nah.

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  1. iskra says:

    End of volume 1? Party time!!!

  2. It’s the end of the volume 1? Raws we got are the big ones, with 13 chapters a volume, so I had no idea. Well, enjoy it.

  3. yamiangie says:

    well it’s time for me to read this and blush

  4. animekritik says:

    Akita Shoten released this in 3 volumes initially, and this was the last chapter then. But the same publisher released it a second time in 2 volumes (the edition we’re used) and there the first volume runs to 13 chapters.

  5. iskra says:

    More volumes, more parties.

    @yamiangie: we will do it in turns :D

  6. Parties are exhausting. Blushing’s enough.

  7. [...] to reaffirm loyalty among the Ministry, Leiji Matsumoto’s Gun Frontier chapter 8 was released. Any goodwill from this tactic was wasted when holstein went on a chocolate [...]

  8. redsonjabelit says:

    YAY! Thank you very much for your hard work!! xD xD xD

  9. Ariel says:

    Thank you very much!!!

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