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ACHTUNG: WikiLeaks Reveals Rabbit Regime Doing Just Fine

Be a delinquent

In other news, purges kill everyone. [UPDATE: Another donor? What the fuck.]

  • Kei Toume’s Acony manga, chapter 8. Though the release raised the spirits of the populace, it was not enough to appease funny_bunny’s paranoia and a number of Rabbits were sent to camps to be reeducated into Raidou Kuzunoha impersonators.
  • Immediately afterwards, Kiken Shisou’s Princess Fall Down ~ Fragment One was released to draw out the decadent staff. They were then given a luxurious meal of cheesecake and imprisoned on a game reserve to be hunted at funny_bunny’s leisure.
  • Rumors of total regime collapse circulated, only to be cut short by the release of pageratta’s webcomic Sadomi the Sadist Girl Strikes Back chapters 11-20. Amidst the rejoicing, dissidents were disappeared by funny_bunny himself, armed with a riding crop and a pair of handcuffs.
  • Seeking to reaffirm loyalty amongst the Ministry, Leiji Matsumoto’s Gun Frontier chapter 8 was released. Any goodwill from this tactic was wasted when holstein went on a chocolate vodka-fueled rampage, exploding several Rabbits, including ak, Ghost in the Machine, and Mori, and was rumored to have stabbed funny_bunny multiple times with her withering glare.
  • The open bloodshed from the previous revelry created a state of emergency as officials attempted to confirm funny_bunny’s physical status and seize control for their own ends. This situation was resolved when prettyprophet renewed the alliance with the Principality of Anonygoo and released Todd Oyamada’s Black and White Puppet. She then reestablished order by setting the Rabbit Capital ablaze with nuclear flame.

prettyprophet: And thank you Lavie for that flattering write up.

Lavie Rhap: Not a problem, Prophet. I still owe the Rabbit history for last year, keep in mind.

prettyprophet: Whatever, don’t waste your time.

Lavie Rhap: Then I’ll take my leave. Goodbye.

prettyprophet: Later, rocka. Right, so it was the Rabbit Republic anniversary this month. Remember the Republic? It’s been three years since then. No retrospectives, not when the REAL anniversary is in a few months. But some interesting things went down very recently that I’m going to let you all in on:

  • We got a donation. The second so far in our existence……from the same benefactor that wants to remain anonymous. Our hosting is now set for another year. Uh, seeing how we don’t make close to enough off the filehost links, this was really fortunate. Hey, rest of you! Want to help us out for the next? Or don’t. I was surprised, again, by the generosity of our benefactor, because………well, let’s face it, Rabbits are a mess of a group. But on behalf of us all, thanks a billion. This post goes out to you, [censored]!
  • Donations, fan-fucking-tastic news. Rabbit staff, ugly news. Here’s where we stand: Funny’s running other shows, Lavie, nde, ak, and Motoko aka Mokona are all crazy busy, don’t know what the hell Pat’s doing, -_- probably quit, holstein fucked off again, Ghost is dead, and then there’s Numbers. Anyone not mentioned, they’re MIA or if they’re like Ink, just doesn’t give a fuck. Oh, and I’m fine, by the way. ………yeah, if I were to do a no-bullshit assessment, we’re at one translator (ak), three editors aka doing everything else (myself, Funny, and whoever I can get my hands on). Chillax, this is where we’ve been for a while. Just saying, it’s fucking exhausting for us. Recruitment! Join up, you old thing.

Yeah, that’s really it. So what now? nde, what now?

nde: I don’t know. Polls?

prettyprophet: Oh yeah, looking at the 2010 Rabbit Mangaka Shodown at the Final Destination…….pageratta’s got the lead at 20 votes, Leiji’s got 17, and Kei’s got 9. So there you have it, top three Rabbit mangaka…….which makes sense, since those three all got releases this month.

nde: Sorry, okama.

prettyprophet: Sorry! Next month, yeah? Oh wait, that shit depends on Ghost. Hey Funny, revive his ass, I want okama.

nde: We’ve actually done the most okama work.

prettyprophet: Really?

nde: “Useless Beauty”, “Cat’s World”, “Food Girls”, “Okamax”, “Okamarble”.

prettyprophet: Right……and “A CERTAIN STUDENT’S LESGUN”.

nde: Joint circle.

prettyprophet: Fuck that, I’d still count it.

nde: Ok.

prettyprophet: So anyways, yeah, got a donation which rocked our socks, Rabbits are busy, staff count is low, but we’ll still release, don’t you worry. Hell, we got a few things coming up soon, don’t we?

nde: Think so.

prettyprophet: Damn straight, kid. Wonder what it’ll be? Maybe Wikileaks’ll know.

prophet edit Dec 2nd: So I was doing the once-a-week check on the Rabbit emails…..and what do you know, another donation. Sorry I didn’t notice until now. Um, gonna keep this person anonymous until I get word otherwise. The Rabbits say thank you.


  1. GiggLz says:

    Nice write up! ^_^
    And um….

    “Amidst the rejoicing, dissidents were disappeared by funny_bunny himself, armed with a riding crop and a pair of handcuffs.”

    Uhh, how do I get into that? LOL!

    Ok, so I hate to sound special but …What’s the difference between “Rabbit Republic anniversary and the REAL anniversary in a few months?”



  2. Just stand around and Funny’ll be bound to do something.

    As for the Republic anniversary, that was 3 years ago when the group got made just to release Range Murata’s Robot….and that was licensed so we don’t speak of it anymore. For symbolism and all that crack, moment we were done, group changed name to Reich. And then the rest of this mess followed.

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