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Go Nagai’s [Oni]


“Keep your head
Keep your head
Just keep your head
Keep your head”

nde: Or 999.

prettyprophet: I think Funny was playing that. HEY FUNNY STOP PLAYING GAMES, STUDY OR I’LL PUNT YOUR ASS.

nde: And Disgaea Infinite.

prettyprophet: Yeah, that’s in the list. Go Nagai! “Oni” oneshot! Controversial release for reasons I don’t know why! Seriously, why? Because it’s got dick?

nde: Could be edited in after.

prettyprophet: Nudity: the 70s weren’t ready. Man, hold up. The 70s? THE 70s? Yeah right.

nde: Comics.

prettyprophet: Fritz the Cat, yo. That was 70s, wasn’t it?

nde: 1972 for movie. Started in 60s for comic.

prettyprophet: Anyways, I think this oneshot came from the 70s…….and it really goes nowhere. Did Go Nagai make a series based on this? Manga-updates seems to imply he did………but whatever, “Oni” oneshot. Courtesy of new Rabbit translator, Katatonia, who loves to pimp out the old school.

nde: Read the release left to right.

prettyprophet: Yeah, italian scans, apparently. Alright, download it if you need a quick Go Nagai fix; it’s only about 10 pages. Hey, ak, didn’t you like Go Nagai? Here’s a release that’s just fit for the Christmas cheer!

nde: Happy holidays.

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  1. animekritik says:

    Whoa, wait, what’s going on here?!

    The Oni is known in the Heian period but then supposedly was created when a dude was fighting a samurai 500 or 600 years later??

    Some time travel must be involved :)

    Interesting that although the young man has genitals, once he transforms he loses them, almost as if his new ultra-manliness has been achieved at the cost of repressing his natural sexuality…

  2. No Comment says:

    Was not prepared for that one page

  3. [...] Nagai’s Oni oneshot, another one tossed over by Katatonia. Uncensored nudity and violence! Which is great, because that [...]

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