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ACHTUNG: You All Have Rabbit DNA


Tokyo Bill 156 declares all Rabbits enemies of the world; total war tomorrow.

So if you guys haven’t been paying attention to the whole debacle on Bill 156……well fuck it, read it there. This post isn’t about the bill, not exactly. This post is about the Rabbits and some of our thoughts on it. Because, you know, everything we do tends be “harmful material”.

ak’s response

There is a Golden Rule I lead my life by: whenever the creator of Doraemon and the creator of Harlock agree on something, it must be an eternal truth. Lo and behold, Fujiko Fujio and Leiji Matsumoto both resolutely oppose this law. Therefore it is bad.

If Tokyo wants to be consistent about this, they need to ban stories where grown men pick up 10 year olds, groom them to be the perfect mate, and then start sleeping with them a few years later. Say, something like the Tale of Genji…

Fallen’s response

I think it is a pretty silly bill to stop things that have already … pretty much stopped – If I am reading this right? Seriously there has been so many people saying different things. Some say it is going to hurt the manga industry but the way I read it … it seems pretty harmless. I think some compared it to “Making a law that killing your brother is wrong. Even though it is already wrong to kill anyone.” but the bill sounds so vague that it could lead to lots of misinterpretations. Which interpretation is right – Help?

Funbuns’ response

Ishihara is old man. Ishihara is not like sexually stimulating in youth. Ishihara is against fertility. Ishihara is against True Rebirth of the Goddess. ISHIHARA MUST DIE.

Ghost’s response

All Japanese politicians are tsundere and will be broken down eventually.

Ink’s response

It’s stupid and irrelevant. [The Rabbits] don’t do new things so you don’t have to worry about it.

Katatonia’s response

Since I spoke about this a year ago with a bunch of old-school translators. I personally think it’s stripping the freedom of speech for all Japanese mangaka. That’s like stealing Go Nagai and Ken Ishigawa’s pride away from them. And Ishigawa’s dead.

Lavie’s response

Looking at this post from Dan Kanemitsu and reading the interview with Shintaro Ishihara, I am reminded of the Comics Code Authority and its decades-long effects on American comics. Given that times have changed, and with the advent of digital sharing, such a localized bill would not be able to control those outside of Tokyo. I am, however, concerned for those inside Tokyo; we, on the outside, have the instinctive reaction to lash out and defy the seemingly unnecessary law. For those within the industry in Tokyo, it’s possible that they fear for their employment in these difficult economic times and will not seek to risk anything. But if there are those who feel as if they have nothing to lose, such as the rumors about Ishihara himself, then perhaps we may see some truly “immoral” content as way of spite?

Of course, the perceived moral breakdown of Japan will not be repaired, or even averted, by banning anything deemed “immoral”. Censorship is a sure-fire way to increase interest in the uncensored.

nde’s response

Won’t hold.

Pat’s response

WHERE IS AKUMETSU!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

Prophet’s response

I’ll be straight up: I don’t give a fuck about the bill. Fuck the bill. The bill’s bullshit and we all know it from the “think of the children” wording. No, that’s not why I’m against the bill and all this shit. Two words: fuck Ishihara.

I don’t like him. I don’t know him and I don’t care to know him but he comes off as a right-wing homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobic geezer out of touch with the modern world. You know what? Let’s just assume he is because I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a perfect description of his withered ass. And I wouldn’t be surprised if news broke out that he was found sucking a 12-year-old Korean cock with an African queen beating his shriveled, sterile testicles using rolled up issues of Jump. Alright, that ain’t too likely. More like getting found out knocking up some teenaged prostitute.

Because he’s a politician. An ancient politician. Now before you go and say, “Shut the fuck up Prophet, where’s your respect for the old folks”………fuck them. Lavie says back in the classical days, they used to be senators and all that because their age gave them wisdom. These days? Ishihara’s more belligerent than all the Rabbits combined. Am I being fair, attacking him personally instead of addressing the bill itself? Oh hell no. I’m not here to give you a fair and balanced assessment of the bill; that’s what all those other proper blogs are for. This is fucking Rabbit Revelry. We scanlate. We scanlate fucked up shit, we scanlate sexual shit, we scanlate any and all shit. Not just because it’s good, but because this is the shit that gets passed over for the safe and sanitized ratcrap. And now Ishihara wants to cut us off from future works that we would possibly do? I know there’s other assholes like Ishihara. I’m singling him out because he has a face and a name. And quotes, he’s got great quotes like “old women who live after they have lost their reproductive function are useless and are committing a sin”.

Is he the greatest enemy anime and manga has ever seen? Doubt it; he’ll croak sooner or later. Is this the end of all kickass anime and manga? Chillax, people’ll find a way around all this, like they do with any other bullshit ban. Does this change anything? Yeah, actually. Funny mentioned something to me the other day: Shin Megami Tensei usually takes place in modern Japan, with high school kids. There’s a lot of implied sex and outright violence. Is this going to mean Megaten (specifically Persona) is going to get neutered? Well, we’re just going to have to wait and see, won’t we?

Or you could always raise some noise and get Ishihara ousted. Nothing like watching a politician burn, yeah?


  1. Fallen says:

    I like how the tag “Christmas Cheer” comes in.

    I have been re-reading the stuff and personally I think the MAJOR issue is that it is so vague that it becomes a massive massive problem.

    Because it is so vague – basically all the ratings in between child and adult becomes redundant. There is no PG or M rating, just sexual or non-sexual – because just stepping between those two is asking for trouble.

    While itself – the bill is a pretty stupid bill to stop what HAS been stopped – but so poorly worded that is includes like 80% of all Seinen manga THUS is a serious problem.

    I take back it being harmless but I wish some dicks would learn to get to the point in these Bills.

  2. Vague = politician’s playground.

    Yeah, kinda depressing of a post……but hey, it’s Christmas. Ain’t the blues a great way to ring in the new year?

  3. yamiangie says:

    I hate rules because no one sees were the loopholes for abuse are. Actually has Leiji done a series that doesn’t have a naked person in it?

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