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ACHTUNG: No Such Thing As Too Much Revelry

Hey, it ain't Year of the Rabbit yet

Until someone pukes up a pelvis bone.

  • Kei Toume’s “Acony” volume 2, chapter 9. A short story on drinking. Man, I want some sake.
  • Todd Special aka Todd Oyamada’s “Futanari Song” version 2 release. It’s hentai/yaoi/futa/genderbending/dom Nier doujinshi, superjoint scanlation between Anonymous Scanner’s high-res scans, Brolen’s translation, and Rabbit editing. Axis of Awesome, yo.
  • Mineo Maya’s “Patalliro” volume 9, chapter 29. Spy fiction with MI6, joint with Onadoru Euphoria.
  • Katsuhiro Otomo’s “Sayonara Japan” chapter 3. 80s gangbanging cash money, thug life, bitches and whores. And judo. That’s the Big Apple for you. Sidenote: seems like Kaichou!’s gone.
  • Captain Harlock! Holy shit! Yeah, re-scanlating Leiji Matsumoto’s “Space Pirate Captain Harlock” with Rabbit translations via new translator Katatonia. Can we afford to do a new series? Hey, we’re about to find out. Props go out to our benefactor who wants to be anonymous.
  • Go Nagai’s Oni oneshot, another one tossed over by Katatonia. Uncensored nudity and violence! Which is great, because that just segues right into………..
  • ………this shit. Bill 156! Shintaro Ishihara! Fuck him. Hey, wanna hear something hilarious? Takeshi Nogami, Takaaki Suzuki, and Dan Kanemitsu via doujinshi circle Firstspear made a doujinshi manga all about this. CHECK IT OUT. And get this, Dan Kanemitsu’s translating it into english himself! Does it get anymore hilarious?
  • Anyways, back to porn. Niku Drill aka Toumasu’s “Jingai Haruman” chapter 2! It’s got ant girls making sex slaves out of men. Living the dream, eh? Joint with Anonygoo, who did the first one of this series.

prettyprophet: And that’s it for Rabbit scanlating 2010. How’re you feeling, kid?

nde: Better.

prettyprophet: Great, since it’s New Year’s Eve and clearly that means it’s time to get trashed off our asses. Ain’t that what scanlating’s all about?

nde: Drinking was recommended for scanning.

prettyprophet: Oh yeah, I remember that guide.


prettyprophet: [CENSORED]. But fuck that, they’re not finding out. Not till it drops. Anyways, DONATIONS. We just got another. From the second generous rocka. I don’t know who this person is because he didn’t reply to my email……so yeah. Funny says he thinks he knows who it is……so that means jack shit to me. Mystery donation person, if you’re reading this, thank you on behalf of all the Rabbits. This’ll probably go towards buying manga/doujinshi.

nde: Could save for next year.

prettyprophet: Oh yeah, funding for the NEXT year of hosting. Hey, we survived this one pretty good, didn’t we?

nde: Yes.

prettyprophet: Ain’t doing a wrap up now, because the RABBIT ANNIVERSARY ain’t until next year. February 14th. 2011. Year of…….what animal was it?

nde: Us.

prettyprophet: Hellz yeah. Uh, yeah, I forget what else what I had to say. I don’t know. Remind me.

nde: Recruitment.

prettyprophet: Right, just because we got donations, just because we got a new translator, just because we got through another year intact……that don’t mean we ain’t welcoming newcomers. JOIN UP! Could use the help, seeing how we’ve got more series than we can handle. Ugh, I gotta remember to slap in recruitment pages into releases again. Lot of good THAT does.

nde: Positive thinking.

prettyprophet: Let’s positive thinking. Yeah. New Year! Time to keep up the rock.

nde: 2011 tomorrow.

prettyprophet: Warning: next several days will likely be spent hungover as hell.


  1. yamiangie says:

    happy new year rabbits!

  2. No Comment says:

    Happy new year!

  3. And have a rocked out 2011 to all of you too.

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