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ATENCIÓN: Shin Usagi Tensei

Seta, Minato, Serph, Naoya, Raidou, Naoki...goddamn.

Are you a Shin Megami Tensei fan? MOTHERFUCKING IMPORTANT! If not, carry on. Or you can read it too, whatever.

Alright, this is Prophet here, NOT speaking on behalf of all the Rabbits. Oh no, I’m just speaking for nde, Funny, Pat, and myself. Well ok, tons of Rabbits have played Megaten games, from ak to zizzle……..but I can say for certain that the four of us are the major fanatics for the series. That’s a great thing, right? Sure. But you see, I’ve come across a little problem recently……google “megaten doujinshi”. What’s the first few results (ignoring the hentai)? Rabbits.

Ghost, this one's for you

That’s not right. “But Prophet, you love Megami Tensei! Aren’t you happy?” Fuck no. Why the hell are we, of all people, the prime movers and shakers for Megaten doujin shit? We’re not a Megaten fansite. We just happen to have some staff who enjoy the series………so this annoys me, it really does. Yeah, I know there are yaoi groups with Persona 3/4 yaoi……fuck that, they just love Persona! What about the rest of the games and all those characters? Demi-fiend, Nemissa, Arthur, Maya, Gin, Serph, Hazama, Jack Frost? What about motherfucking RAIDOU KUZUNOHA? And it’s always with the goddamn yaoi and hentai; what about those kickass doujin circles with amazing art but no one’ll give it a second glance since it don’t feature Yosuke orgasmically deepthroating Akihiko?

If you beat Strange Journey in under 666 minutes, UMA Aigis is unlocked

Megaten fans of the western world, I’m calling you all out. Suikoden’s got Ramsus. Tsukihime/Fate/Haruhi/Touhou’s got Gaku Gaku Animal Land. Shin Megami Tensei’s got……Rabbits? Seriously guys, you can do a lot better than us. But isn’t that fucked up, how we’re one of the few scanlation groups out there that’ll consider non-hentai/yaoi/porn doujinshi worth translating? I know, I can’t believe I’m defending doujinshi and fandom and all this fanwank crap……..but Megaten deserves it.

Argilla was pretty cool

“Oh I love Megaten oh so much but I don’t know what to do what should I do I’m running around like a headless chicken”…….find us raws. Good, quality raws. Of any goddamn genre; porn, not porn, romance, comedy, horror, parody, slice of life, what have you. Of ANY game……..preferably games that AREN’T P3 and P4 because everyone’s all over those, but fuck it, we’ll take them! I can’t guarantee we’ll ever have the TIME to do it…….and that’s where all you importers can come in to save the day. Do you import all your Megaten games in its original Japanese? Fuck, help us translate! We barely have enough translators for the group itself; doing doujinshi is something we just do for kicks. If we ever had a sole Megaten translator, well, that would just make my day.

Super Mara Bros.

So there. That’s my plea, not as a Rabbit, but as a fan and promoter of the Shin Megami Tensei series. Hey, if this inspires you to make your own Megaten fansite and translate Megaten doujinshi, unreleased games, magazine articles, t-shirt prints….all the more power to you! We’ll do joint projects! Or not, you might just say, “Fuck the Rabbits, those unprofessional cunts!” We’re fine with that too, as long as you do Megaten some good. Or maybe you’ll want to help us out, sending scans in or translating or whatever. I wouldn’t mind declaring the Rabbits the de facto Megaten doujinshi group….but only if we’re actually capable of releasing stuff out on a regular basis, because as of right now, we’re not. The point is, HELP OUT IN SOME WAY. Please.

Fuck, he's hot

Well, here’s to 2011. Better get some positive thinking soon, otherwise some bad shit’ll be going down in April. Then again, ain’t it the cruellest month?


  1. Fallen says:

    So I’m guessing you didn’t want to do the 4koma I gave to you last year?

  2. More like no translators to toss onto that. Think a chunk of it’s been cleaned too.

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  14. Ada says:

    Devil Summoner doujinshi do?

  15. I’d do Devil Summoner. I’d do Raidou. I’d do the HELL out of Raidou.

    Got raws?

  16. sabaku-kun says:

    In the process of posting SMT and persona as well as translations but its slow. Pc was stolen so I’m on a PS3

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