Liberty, Lunacy, Love

Acony ~ Ch. 10

Don't ever roll with a girl with leaves in her hair

“‘Cause I fall and I break just as easy as an egg
Yeah, my shell isn’t as hard as it seems
When my insides gush out there’s no telling what it’s about
When it’ll stop, when it’ll seed, when it’ll bleed”

prettyprophet: Kei Toume’s “Acony”, volume 2, chapter 10, brought to you by the Rabbits, all thanks to ARPAD our homeboy for hooking us up with the hardcopy to scanlate. Um, yeah, I don’t know what else to say because I’m exhausted…..because I just had all you can eat sushi. Whopper, Trojan, Kibbles&Mint (this guy was a Rabbit? Goddamn it’s been long), and Funny are over there, all in food comas….fucking up this night. Supposed to be a night of Smash; what the hell is this? Kid, what the hell is this?

nde: Luxury.

prettyprophet: Chea boi. But hey, you need this every so often….gorge out on sushi, get a lil’ tipsy, and put on a Coen Brothers marathon.

nde: Life of the mind.

prettyprophet: Damn souse. So yeah, Acony. There’s like, ghosts and stuff. Oh, lot of characters kinda show up in this one.

nde: Spirit battle.

prettyprophet: Like something out of DBZ.


prettyprophet: Yeah, we got environmentalism up in this piece. Anyways, Acony, Kei Toume, have fun.

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  1. herra says:

    Thank you for acony!!

  2. Athos says:

    We are not worthy.

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  4. RK says:

    Thx for the upload and acony !
    but how long does it take between each chapter release?

  5. herra: No prob.

    Athos: Don’t grovel. It’ll just get to our heads.

    RK: About once a month on average, depending what else we got in the queue. That’s what we get for being a small as hell group.

  6. No Comment says:

    I like this new character. Thanks for Acony 10.

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