Liberty, Lunacy, Love

ACHTUNG: In the Direction of the Moon Rabbit

2011 Year of the Megaten

Where those bunny ears at?

  • “Gun Frontier”, chapter 9, Leiji Matsumoto to start off the new year.
  • “Sadomi Strikes Back”, chapters 21-30, pageratta. Some old faces, some new faces……..and Nidomi’s name doesn’t make any sense anymore.
  • Begging Megaten help here.
  • Speaking of Megaten, here’s your Nocturne doujinshi: “Lost World.69″, circle pavlovdog, Shiragi’s the artist, joint with Brolen. And surprise, it’s YAOI. Demi-fiend and….Dante, go figure.
  • “Rashanu!”, chapter 2! New joint with Onadoru! Because we can do new projects just like that.
  • And it’s doujinshi time again, with some Summer Wars. Happy now, Pat? Nah, you wouldn’t be, since this ain’t yaoi. “Summer Wars Festival 2″, joint with Anonygoo, circle Nanashiki, artist Nanase Masato, Natsuki and Kenji hentai. Hey, it’s consensual loving sex! Holy crap.
  • “Acony”, chapter 10, Kei Toume. Hey, we got an environmentalism bent going. Again, thanks goes out to Arpad for getting this manga into Rabbit hands.
  • And……back to porn. And not just any porn, but porn the boys have been craving since last year: Bayonetta doujinshi. “Witch Unleashed”, circle Lagarto, artist Mai Aida. Joint with Brolen……..and it’s Bayonetta fucking the hell out all those angels. Oh, and tentacle tongues.
  • And back to Leiji. “Space Pirate Captain Harlock”, chapter 2. Hey, meet the cast, have some drinks.
  • “Manken!”, Inoue Kiyoshirou manga oneshot. It’s Genshiken if it were hentai; fuck the president. Joint with Anonygoo, start of Anonymous Blob Week and Sex Week.
  • “Sekaiju no Anone” vol. 13……’s Etrian Odyssey doujinshi. Know what that means? It’s LUNAR NEW YEAR……..and hot damn, it’s also the YEAR OF THE RABBIT. No pressure on us! Joint with Anonygoo; from circle Kazeuma, artist Minami Star………..yuri plant tentacle rape of a ton of classes. Enjoy the new year.
  • And to end things off………..more sex with Anonygoo. Shota sex, to be exact: “Sweet Predator”, hentai manga oneshot by Nagare Ippon. Got nurses, got onions.

prettyprophet: Ugh, that took forever.

Lavie Rhap: And even the Villa was not taken into consideration.

prettyprophet: Heh, that hasn’t been touched in fuck knows how long.

Lavie Rhap: Were there not several updates in the wings?

prettyprophet: Yeah, Funbuns’ updates. So it’s coming never.

Lavie Rhap: All for the best, as this has been a most active month and more.

prettyprophet: But we ain’t gonna wrap shit up yet. Nah, this is just an ACHTUNG to list up the releases………we’ll wait on the real retrospective.

Lavie Rhap: I see that the poll for the previous month has ended?

prettyprophet: With 4-koma at 18 votes, Megaten at 12, and Artbooks at 8. It was pretty close for a while, then 4-koma pulled ahead at the end.

Lavie Rhap: Any ideas for this month?

prettyprophet: Eh, I’m tired.

Lavie Rhap: What of…something involving rabbits?

prettyprophet: Oh, I got one now. Thanks.

Lavie Rhap: You’re welcome.

prettyprophet: Alright……, I think I’m just going to get drunk.

Lavie Rhap: Do you really want to watch “The Wire” in such a state?

prettyprophet: Yeah…………….I think I will.

Lavie Rhap: I’ll keep a bucket on hand.

prettyprophet: Ain’t you considerate. Nah, I bet I could make it to the toilet tonight.

Lavie Rhap: Then I’ll assist with your hair.

prettyprophet: Thanks, mom!

Lavie Rhap: You all grow up so fast.

prettyprophet: Hey, when you’re a Rabbit, you gotta be fast.

Lavie Rhap: A caged rabbit might break its own back.

prettyprophet: Only if scared, yo.

Lavie Rhap: Fancy watching “Fearless”?

prettyprophet: Yeah, I could use some Jet Li up in this piece.

Lavie Rhap: He died at the end, if I can recall correctly.

prettyprophet: At his prime.

Lavie Rhap: Weren’t you eager to end this post a moment ago?

prettyprophet: Oh, look who’s backing out now.

Lavie Rhap: Would you like to continue?

prettyprophet: Nah, fuck it, let’s go.

Lavie Rhap: A pleasure to see your mind is still sharp.

prettyprophet: Talk to me in half an hour.

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