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ATENCIÓN: Rabbit Year 2011

Megaten x Rabbit Year 2011

No pressure, no problem.

  • Kicking off the Megaten with “Summer Alice” from Long Horn Train. Full color Devil Survivor/Persona/Persona 3 hentai doujinshi/artbook. Joint with Brolen.
  • Hey, remember Pi, that P4 4-koma doujinshi from a year back? Here’s the sequel! “Per4″ from Nyankotei, Persona 4 gag doujinshi. Joint with Brolen
  • And February 14th, the anniversary of the New and True Rabbits………“Demonic Demonica”, SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI: STRANGE JOURNEY DOUJINSHI. It’s comedy, it’s from romeokuro, and fuck yeah. Joint with Brolen.
  • …….and then back to Megaten porn. “NASTY P3;TRIO AFTER”…….Persona 3 hardcore tentacle and birthing hentai doujinshi, starring Mitsuru. Remember Birth Month? It’s a sequel. You know, I almost regret doing this……….but go to hell, Funny. Joint with Brolen.
  • And a double go to hell, Funny, for “Ilyasviel von Einzbern”……..Fate/Stay Night doujinshi. Way to break the Megaten flood to spite me because I spited you. Yes, we’re all petty cunts. Not a joint with Brolen, for once.
  • ……..and then Funny goes beyond pettiness and fucks the Megaten flood even more. “Sayonara Japan”, chapter 4, Katsuhiro Otomo……….joint with Kaichou!…….don’t even know if they’re still around.
  • So yeah, since our anniversary, Rabbits have now been officially scanlating for 3 years.

Jesus, we’ve really been doing it that long? That ain’t even that long, is it? Not compared to everyone else. But here we are, dragging ourselves along. Got no choice there; the Rabbits haven’t changed one bit from the beginning. No, seriously, for all the staff turnover……….nothing’s really changed. Same crew, same projects, same fights.

So that’s what this year’s going to be about. No site revamps, no fancy declarations……….we’re just going to keep on doing what we’re doing.

………..did I forget something?

Oh right, MEGATEN.

We’ve got a new member thanks to that drive: Cosmosmith. Cosmosmith took the initiative to join the Rabbits. Cosmosmith took the initiative to share some Megaten raws. Which? You’ll just have to wait and see. But this ain’t any excuse for the rest of you. She stepped up; c’mon people, you’re telling me in this wide world, there’s only ONE Megaten fan who has doujinshi raws? There’s only ONE Megaten fan who can do editing? There’s only ONE Megaten fan who can do fanart? Yes, Cosmosmith can do all that.

But that ain’t all. I just checked the donation fund right……and we’ve got another donation from this one person who donated before……I think this person wants to remain anonymous because this person never replied to my email. We appreciate this at the Rabbits, we really do, because we’re a group that probably doesn’t deserve anything. We’ve got projects I can’t even keep a count of and the most disorganized and self-destructive staff roster in scanlation today. As far as scanlation teams go, Rabbits ain’t a very good role model. So yeah, on behalf of the Rabbits, thank you for your generosity.

So with these going-ons right here………has this done anything to Rabbit operating procedure? A bit, actually, yeah. Look up at the top of the site. Two new pages: Leiji and Megaten. That’s right, the Rabbits are declaring themselves to be the UNOFFICIAL scanlators of Leiji Matsumoto works and Megaten, doujinshi or not, it doesn’t matter. What does all this mean?

Jack all, that’s what.

If you want to do Leiji or Megaten, go nuts; we won’t feel slighted. This is just our way of saying we specialize in the stuff. Will Leiji and Megaten take priority over all else? No. Are Leiji and Megaten neglected and deserving of love? Yes.

By the way, Buneary gets the Unofficial UNOFFICIAL Rabbit Mascot prize with 8 votes, beating out Max and Cornelius. So there you go.

Also, pimping out the Megaten Imageboard from Mechafetus, because, hey, let’s build that Megaten community. And Leiji, we got our own forums…..though the spamcatcher’s still fucked since no one got around to updating. Anything else? God, I don’t know, I’m typing all this by myself because nde drank himself into a sick and Funny’s ran off. Hey, holstein, got anything you want to rant? Yeah? Not going to type? Alright.

So yeah, that’s where we stand. Rabbit Revelry, 2011. Same show next year, hm?

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