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Turuya’s [Doodle, doodle!]

Almost wish I had some trauma so Soji could therapy my ass

Darkness Endless Despair Fear no more
Coldness Blackened No sound Feel no pain
Captured Helpless Ultimate Dreadful fate
Powerless Lifeless No breath Falling down”

prettyprophet: Turuya’s “Doodle, doodle!”, artist Nepon, Persona 4 artbook doujinshi, massive SPOILERS for the whole game. It’s got the entire main cast, from MC to Yukiko to Adachi, all looking beary damn pretty like the fine things they are. No Margaret though; sorry Lavie.

Yeah, that’s right, new month, new Megaten, courtesy of Cosmosmith, the newly minted Rabbit raw provider/scanner/all in all editor/occasional translator. Oh, and Shin Megami Tensei fanartist. That recruitment page? That’s her handiwork. Guess what? We’ve got a TON of Megaten doujinshi now, sitting around all unloved. Hell, good deal of it’s Megaten yaoi…….AND Megaten non-porn.

So, translators? Where you guys at? We’re waiting.

But hey, it’s a Shin Megami Tensei doujinshi that ain’t hardcore sex, so let’s all be thankful for this release, yeah? Nah, this is hardcore FANART, not a fancomic of any kind. Good-looking boys and girls in all states of dress………particularly Uncle Ryotaro Dojima and our own banchou Protagonist. It’s hot. Download it.

Oh, by the way, Turuya? Nepon? The circle behind this doujinshi artbook? Did up a MC and Ryotaro doujinshi. Shounen ai incest? You bet. Cosmosmith’s got it? You bet. Cosmosmith scanned it? You bet. It’s getting all cleaned up by the Rabbits? You bet. It’s got a translator?


EDIT: Cover joined together by Bop.

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Every day’s great at your Fancy!


  1. Bop says:

    …That didn’t work.

    Oh well, here it is straight up.

  2. Thanks, I’ll put that in the post.

    For those afraid of the link, it’s just the inside cover joined together from two pages.

  3. [...] “Doodle, doodle!”, Persona 4 artbook doujinshi from circle Turuya, artist Nepon. So that’s our Megaten quota for the month. [...]

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