Liberty, Lunacy, Love

Patalliro! ~ Ch. 30

This is your brain on Patalliro.

“It’s Baltimore, gentleman. The gods will not save you.”

prettyprophet: Mineo Maya’s “Patalliro!”, chapter 30 of volume 9. Onadoru Euphoria x Rabbits joint………….it’s about drugs! Not the street level kind though, it’s fancy stuff that suit-wearing gangsters hot for bishounen in dresses roll in. Hell, I don’t even think they mention what kind of drug it was. 80s, huh? Let’s just assume it’s coke. Oh, Maraich sings and Patalliro turns into a cat.

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  1. [...] “Patalliro!” chapter 30, Mineo Maya. Drug war this time……..joint with Onadoru Euphoria. [...]

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