Liberty, Lunacy, Love

Gun Frontier ~ Ch. 10

How the fuck did she fit that in there?

“You will not mistake the newspaper man: he looks like a…big turtle.”

prettyprophet: And it’s Gun Frontier, chapter 10 from Leiji Matsumoto……it’s about journalism! Expect lots of death and rape.

nde: Black comedy.

prettyprophet: Yeah, with a quick summary of any given chapter, you’d think Gun Frontier is bleak grimdark bullshit. So chillax, it’s just black, yo. Speaking of black, how’s Black?

nde: I didn’t start it yet.

prettyprophet: Didn’t Funny get Black too?

nde: Yeah.

prettyprophet: Why the fuck did you get Black then?

nde: Thought Funny wouldn’t. Pat has White.

prettyprophet: Oh, for our audience…….Pokemon Black and White. Fuck yeah.

nde: I’ve been playing Dragon Age 2.

prettyprophet: Oh yeah, how’s that?

nde: Good.

prettyprophet: Class?

nde: Mage.

prettyprophet: Fuck, I wanted to do mage…..alright, I’ll do warrior in my playthrough. Anyways, Gun Frontier scanlation, Leiji Matsumoto, Rabbits. HEY FOLKS, ak’s busy as all hell, so Gun Frontier and Acony are going to be slow coming, yeah? Could always use some more translators, cleaners, typesetters…….everything! Please!

……..ugh, fuck it, gonna snooze for a bit, wake me for lunch………..actually wait, before I do, hey guys, there’s a NEW POLL OVER ON THE SIDE.

nde: Male Persona Protagonists.

prettyprophet: Minato aka P3MC’s leading so far…..what, no love for Naoya? I ain’t gonna vote myself, seeing how we Rabbits made the damn thing……but if I did, I’d put it out for Souji aka P4MC. How about you, nde? Feel like being a narcissist?

nde: Maybe Naoya.

prettyprophet: Kid, you know you want to say Minato.

nde: Funny would say Minato.

prettyprophet: Pat would say Minato. All the bish-wilding bitches’ll say Minato. It’s the fucking hair, man.

nde: Yeah.

prettyprophet: See? You agree.

nde: Yeah.

prettyprophet: You’re a fucking treasure.

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  1. iskra says:

    Thank you!!!

    Is Shinunora’s pistol also a Baby Dragoon?

  2. I’m guessing she took the thing off the girl. Hey, the dead don’t need guns, do they?

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