Liberty, Lunacy, Love

ACHTUNG: Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!

Minako is the hottest Persona protagonist

Rabbits require assistance whenever anyone feels like dropping by. Group’s the same as always, mayday, over.

  • “Nyotai Driver”, Star Driver hentai by Gambler Club. Joint with Anonygoo. Some femdom failure on the Galactic Pretty Boy.
  • “Paradise?”, Bayonetta hentai by Bakunyu Fullnerson. Joint with Anonymous Scanner and Desudesu. Some femdom success by Bayonetta on Luka.
  • “Second Wife”, hentai oneshot by Inoue Kiyoshirou. Joint with Anonygoo. Crazy-girl-next-door won’t let something like a marriage stop her from her man.
  • I made a Tumblr. It’s for Megaten. Some scanlation too, I guess.
  • “Acony”, chapter 11 by Kei Toume. Finally, non-porn! Too bad it’s the recap chapter. First of the Easter flood.
  • “Gun Frontier”, chapter 11 by Leiji Matsumoto. Finally, non-porn that just happens to have sex! Good times. Second of the Easter Flood
  • “Yasogami High’s Sports Meet”, Persona 4 comedy doujinshi by BLACK TAIL ANGELs. Joint with Brolen. Non-porn P4 doujinshi! It’s got some spoilers but fuck it, you should’ve played P4 by now. And if you haven’t, do it. Third of the Easter Flood, Rabbit year.
  • “OKAMAX” the 2002 artbook by okama. It’s all done and it’s all sexy. What are you waiting for? Download, yo. Then read ak’s commentary on the commentary. Fourth of the Easter flood.
  • “Taokaka Special”, Blazblue hentai by Mayoineko. Joint with Brolen. Funny mains Taokaka. Long story short, he can fuck himself. Fifth of the Easter flood.

prettyprophet: And that’s that for 2011′s April. We’ll probably try to wrap up Gun Frontier soon, since there’s only two chapters left to the volume; though keep in mind we’re working with the big volumes………so for us, Gun Frontier’s only got two volumes. After that? Well, you’re just going to have to wait and see what pops up.

ARPAD also sent me some series to look over………and I told him we couldn’t do it. Mainly because we ain’t got the translators to do anymore. So, to all you reading this……..Teardrop Bullet, Utamaro, Zombiemen. I’ll actually make a separate post for this later.

But guess what? This next bit ain’t going to be posted again. See, according to Mangaupdates, we’re at 199 releases………so for our 200th, we’re having a little contest for all you loyal fans. There’s going to be a question in that post……and it won’t be answered by anyone in that post (and it won’t be answered by any staff either, obviously). Whoever gets the answer, you just hit me up with an email to the PR Rabbit account with “CONTEST THAT NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT” as the subject. ANYTHING ELSE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

So what’s the prize? Simple: porn.

No, really. We need something for the porn quota for next month anyways, so there you go. Only porn (yaoi or hentai, don’t matter), only something…….normal sized. No bigass 200 pagers with more redraws than a mag raw title page. Oh, and if you’re wondering “What the fuck, I thought that cunt said they didn’t have any translators!” ……..we ain’t the ones translating. We’ll be editing and putting in that Rabbit magic, so that’s worth something, right?

So yeah, watch out for the next release, whenever that is. Man, even a release flood of five things kills us, you know. I did another head count and we’re……more or less still at 1.2 translators and 5 editors, tops. Am I pulling these numbers out of my ass? Yeah, I am. We actually have more editors, just that our rate of output’s a chapter every two weeks. If anyone wants to help……..please. We’ve got a team that’s been playing this scanlation game for a few years now; we’ll give you all the tips you need to be a raggedy-ass group like ourselves within a day.

Oh, almost forgot, Minako Arisato/Hamuko/P3PSP FeMC won the monthly poll, stomping on Aigis (2nd), Maya Amano (tied at 3rd) and Teddie (tied at 3rd) to win HOTTEST PERSONA PROTAGONIST. So I think we can all see where this is going…….


Minako Arisato vs. Minato Arisato, HOTTEST PERSONA PROTAGONIST DUEL

Heaven or Hell, let’s rock.


  1. GiggLz says:

    Hmm… Guess it would depend on what kind of assistance, bwahahahahah! Oh, eheh, j/k. ^_^



  2. asdfffdsa says:

    by what paradox does dumping money into a rabbitry not increase the leveret slave translator yield

  3. GiggLz: All kinds, no joke.

    asdfffdsa: Well, we could always hire out for our actual ongoing series if we really got to that level of desperation…………….I’d rather us not go that way, since it’d make us completely dependent on donations. Then again, if it’d get our releases out faster…….

  4. asdfffdsa says:


    tis hopeless to take to faustian bargaining when funbuns has long since held exclusive claim to your souls (less my own as it is OF COURSE ROTTEN)

  5. GiggLz says:

    …Hmm, I’m not sure if I’m afraid, or interested …Or both?! >:3

    Ok, serious, example?


  6. asdfffdsa: Hey, didn’t Faust get out of his deals? Just give some sacrifices to the Moon Rabbit and you’ll be squared away.

    GiggLz: Well…… all seriousness, just having people know we need translators and editors would be great. Like I’ve said before, we’ve got a ton of things (manga, yaoi, hentai) waiting around to be scanlated……..and not enough staff to toss onto each. I’d give examples of projects, but fuck me, that’s a huge list.

  7. GiggLz says:

    @Pretty, um, was that an offer? O_O *gets ready*
    LMAO! I dunno, maan, sumpin about dis place makes me nawty >:3
    Umm, I mean >///<

    …Yea, that. Teehee, I'll make an announcement for ya in tonight's post ^_^


  8. I blame it all on the okama. But yeah, thanks.

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