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ACHTUNG: Advertising on Some RAWS and CONTEST

Yosuke, advertise for us

C’mon, throw me a bone here; I’ve made the title so unsubtle.

prettyprophet: What up gents and gals, we’re here to give you something via ARPAD, so thank his ass.

Teardrop Bullet, chapter 1. Utamaro, chapter 1. Zombiemen, chapter 1.

nde: Manga raws. High-resolution.

prettyprophet: Scanned by ARPAD. See, he was asking us, “Got the interest?” And course, I said yes. What I couldn’t say yes to was scanlating the damn things because we don’t have enough translators and barely enough editors. Seriously, haven’t you noticed the amount of joint projects we do? Anyways, we’re just trying to advertise these first chapters out so that if there IS some group out there that’s got the interest and manpower……..then fucking do it. Hell, we might even help out.

nde: Contest.

prettyprophet: Oh yeah, to celebrate the apparent 200th release of ours, we snuck in a secret contest into that post. Find it, figure it out, win big. Uh, was there anything else?

nde: Persona poll.

prettyprophet: Hm, I guess I’d go Minako. You going Minato?

nde: Elizabeth?

prettyprophet: Well that’s a fucking given. But we can’t vote, so the rest of you guys handle that shit. And yeah, that should be it? Yeah? Whatever, let’s lunch it.


  1. GiggLz says:

    Ahhh maaaan! I think I’m too special to get the contest =/
    Well good luck to everyone else, woot! *hugglz*


  2. I guess we’ll try and squeeze the magic question into every post from here on until someone gets it then! ……..or you know, until someone actually pays attention to it.

    GiggLz, you’re a real doll for actually bothering to read this.

  3. Athos says:

    Repeating the question multiple times does not count as a hint!

  4. GiggLz says:

    @Pretty, *blush* Teehee. Thankies, but even reading it didn’t help me to get the clue >///:3

    *hugglz to all*


  5. GiggLz says:

    Hey! The rest of my comment got eaten =3 …That was probably for the best but at any rate:
    Lol @ Athos, cuz even that won’t help me! Lol… And I forgot what else I said >.>


  6. Athos, Gigglz: Alright, I’ll slip in BIGGER hints in the next releases……just so someone out there can win.

  7. GiggLz says:

    Lol, Thankies Pretty! *hugglz*
    I need all the help I can get >:3


  8. yamiangie says:

    hello? did the world domination plans do you all in or something?

  9. asd says:

    the rabbit rendezvous cometh upon the puzzle’s unriddling

  10. Psygremlin says:

    *pokes the rabbits with a stick*

    Sadly, no sign of life. This is a sad day indeed.

  11. Harold Beaufort says:

    I’m declaring myself the winner of the contest. Please forward the prize, and any new Sadomi translations to my secretary.

    Thanks in advance.

    -Harold Beaufort CEO of Metacorp.

  12. asdfffdsa says:

    in accordance with CONTEST PROCEDURES, THE ANSWER IS PROVIDED. the puzzle is SOLVED!

    the rabbit rendezvous may commence!

  13. asdfffdsa says:


  14. asdfffdsa says:


  15. No Comment says:

    Yeah, for real.

  16. blub says:

    Finding dead scanlation groups is sooooooooooooooo very tiring. :(

  17. asdfffdsa says:

    on account of rabbit armageddon approaching, the riddle of the rabbit’s return laid bare!

    lilu, father of gilgamesh (sumerian kings list)
    muhammad, peace be upon him

  18. blub says:

    Still waiting…

  19. GiggLz says:

    Merry Christmas Prettyprophet & Rabbits! *hugglz*
    Oh yea and I wanna jump on the rabbit poking bandwagon! *poke poke*


  20. asdfffdsa says:

    one last farewell on the eve of rabbit apocalypse: FAREWELL

    - asd rabbit sycophant

  21. I don’t think anyone actually got it. Well, it’s been half a year so contest’s closed.

  22. GiggLz says:

    =3 Nope, I know I surely didn’t get it. I missed most of it >///<
    *glomps pretty* Hands, hands everywhere, bwahahahah! I said BWAHAHAHAHA!
    Lol. Good to see you back.


  23. Thanks for the love, much appreciated.

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