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ATENCION: Happy New Lunar Year 2012

Dragon Year 2012


Right, well this is kinda awkward. So let’s just get straight to it: yes, the Rabbits up and died. Not getting into the details since I don’t know half of it, but long story short, the group fragmented. Don’t worry, no drama, just the usual sad tale of slow death and “what the hell, where is everyone” type of deal. And as much as I’d love to be dramatic and say we’re building up from scratch…….we’re not. Current staff standing: Ghost (translator), holstein (editor), and myself, Prophet. Yeah, there’s Funny, but he’s just funding the site. I’ve sent out emails to the gang to see who’s still up to it so we’ll see what happens there. But I know for a fact that a good number of the old guard ain’t coming back for various reasons.

Real sorry to everyone who’s been following us and everyone involved for this half a year absence……this whole thing could’ve happened last month actually, but the holidays kinda happened and that was a clusterfuck in itself. To our former staff and partners in scanlation, if I haven’t emailed you yet and if you’re still interested in working with us, please email me at the PR Rabbit account……..which I might end up deleting/replacing because I’m afraid of it being spammed to oblivion. Or post here.

The forums, spam-pit that it is, is going to be PURGED the hell out because we’re losing the hosting there. I had made a replacement forum ages ago but that never got anywhere; if there’s anyone who wants to help manage that, contact me. IRC? Same deal.

On actual scanlation business: working on the scraps of pre-collapse. I have absolutely no idea how much of what is done; all I know is I have a shit-ton of files in a folder. We’re going to need staff for pretty much everything…yeah. Contact me.

And as we all probably know by now, Megaupload’s gone. Rabbits used Megaupload. Rabbits haven’t updated the site in half a year. So I’m pretty damn sure a lot of links to downloads are dead now. IF YOU FIND A DEAD LINK, PLEASE TELL US DAMMIT. Also PLEASE GIVE US NAMES OF GOOD FILEHOSTS THAT AREN’T SHUTTING DOWN. I’m probably going to have to put a sticky for this one.

If you’re thinking, “Wow, they sure are disorganized!”…………’re right. Imagine moving out for six months then coming back and finding your house imploded. That’s not too far from what actually happened. I’m still trying to figure out what to do in all this fallout, so if there’s something I haven’t mentioned……I don’t know, tell me?

So yeah, how many years are we at now? 4? Does that even count since we peaced the fuck out? Whatever, let’s have a go at 5.


  1. No Comment says:

    Yay, Rabbits! And good luck to you in this new year.

    Also, is this sort of like zombie rabbits?

  2. asdfffdsa says:

    AND SO the riddle of the rabbit’s return proves substantive!

    HOWEVER, what of the acronym conflict with your albino brethren?

  3. asdfffdsa says:


  4. No Comment: Nah, more like jackals picking at the corpse.

    asd: Getting in contact with ak and iskra.

  5. GiggLz says:

    Yay, you’re baaack, Woohoo! *doin the happy dance*
    Nope, doesn’t take much to make me happy XD

    Sorry, I’d offer to help but I’m pretty much useless. >.<

    Anyways, whether you have a big or small staff doesn't matter as long as you're still here and doin what you're doin… Umm, somehow that came out wrong and nawty O.o
    Going now.


  6. Athos says:


    Even though Acony has already been picked up by someone else! I’VE ALREADY PLEDGED MY ALLEGIANCE TO THE RABBITS! I shall lend you my humble photoshop skills so long as I find it appropriate!!

  7. GiggLz: You’re advertising us, that’s hella useful. I’ll put up a proper recruitment post today or tomorrow detailing exactly what we need. And don’t mind the naughtiness, Rabbits know that score pretty well.

    Athos: Acony was actually picked up by former Rabbits…..made former because over half the group quit. But yeah, shoot me a line over at the PR email and we’ll work stuff out.

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