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ACHTUNG ATENCION: Rabbit Recruiting

JOIN THE RABBITS, FIGHT FASCISTS.....even though we're the Reich

It’s the recruitment post and it’s so important, it’s a STICKY.

Seriously, click this because it’s more than just recruitment noise.

First off, read this post. Done? Good. Project list is up top, so check out the current stuff and the completed stuff. Ignore the future because that’s just there……..because.

So I’m laying out exactly what we need in our terms:


  • Forums
    I’ll be setting up a new forum for us to move to from the old Revolution. Admins and mods required, dealing with spam and all that crap. Hell, even setting up a community that’s not just the staff…….although I guess that’s the only real point of the forum.
  • IRC
    Do we even need one?
  • Twitter
    I’ll have to get the account……or start fresh.
  • News sites
    Just using Mangaupdates as of present; are there any other places we should use for further publicity?
  • Filehosts
    Please list ones that haven’t been killed/on the chopping block. Maybe we’ll need that IRC after all.


  • Supplier
    Those scans have to come from somewhere. Now we can only credit you as supplier if you scanned them yourself, but you’ll still count as a Rabbit if you pass raws along. Higher quality, the better.
  • Translator
    Something critical to a scanlation group, right? This one’s self-explanatory. You can do whatever you want, just one series…..or ten. You control the direction of the Rabbits.
  • Script Editor
    Translation doesn’t always sound right. Your job is to make it sound right. That might even mean changing what’s actually happening. This is actually kind of a bullshit position because it crosses over with typesetter most of the time. There’s also grammar and spelling, and that’s always fun.
  • Cleaner
    All that text, all that dust from poor scanning, and whatever else, the cleaner’s there to handle it. We call it “cleaner” but redrawing (as in, actually redrawing manga images) is part of the job too. Photoshop’s tool of the trade. A tablet’s recommended.
  • Typesetter
    Putting the text onto the pages. This means selecting fonts, selecting text placement. Tedious, but also has the responsibility of changing the script depending on the bubble size/situation. Sometimes the script just doesn’t fit (physically or in-tone), you know?
  • Quality Check
    The finalization process. Easy, right? No, see, this is why I personally prefer everyone to be doing work in Photoshop’s layers: easy corrections. I’m talking layers that allow me to tweak minor and major changes in seconds. You’ll be comparing the raws to the cleans to make sure details weren’t lost, the script to final script to make sure meanings are still relatively the same, and most boring of all…….filename and filesize consistency.

Most positions tend to cross over into each other, remember. You’ll be asked to script check or quality check or whatever. Chillax, if you’re not a cleaner, I won’t kick down your door and order you to redraw a billion-page spread, just try to be flexible to some of the other jobs.

No prior knowledge is required, just the assurance that you’ll be sticking with the Rabbits and willing to learn. If I say “hey, this clean’s kinda shit, redo it”, don’t flip out. Rabbits have a level of quality in scanlation and honestly, it’s not that high. I’ll be there to guide pretty much all the positions through everything if you need me to be…….except translators, you’re kinda on your own there. Though I guess by talking about the work-in-progress script, that’s some degree of help.

And if you’re still on the fence, here’s a disclosure on a bunch of our REAL future projects:


  • Asuka Katsura’s HoneyComb – being scanlated right now
  • Minoru Toyoda’s Flip-Flap – no translator
  • Yamato Naito’s Beatitude – no translator
  • pageratta’s Rainy Boy and Shiny Girl – no translator
  • Persona 4 4-panel anthology Persona 4 4-koma Kings – no translator
  • Usamaru Furuya’s Palepoli – redoing with Hox’s translation


  • okama’s Getsumen to Heiki Mina artbook – Lunar Rabbit Weapon Mina art collection, rescanning, needs translator
  • Rei Hiroe’s The Book of Venom – huge art/manga collection, joint with Anonygoo, needs translator
  • Ryusuke Hamamoto’s RW/cmyk – small artbook, translator needed
  • Shirow Masamune’s Galgrease – random art collections from both series, translator needed
  • Sho-u Tajima’s Baby Stardust – small art collection, needs translation for a few things


  • [Blazblue] Asgard’s Kore ga Oretachi no Nichijou – Continuum shift comedy, no translator
  • [Digital Devil Saga] Max Meat – comedy, no translator
  • [Digital Devil Saga] Masher – comedy, no translator
  • [Persona 4] GALVAS’ NANA – MC x Yosuke shounen ai, no translator
  • [Persona 4] Turuya’s Planetarium – MC x Uncle Dojima, no translator
  • [Persona 4] SWAT.PLANNING’s The World to Be – comedy, no translator

Porno doujinshi

  • [Blazblue] Asgard’s My Younger Brother and I are Living in the Same House!? – Hazama x Jin, Ragna x Jin, yaoi, joint with Anonygoo, actually in the works from way the fuck back
  • [Blue Submarine No. 6] 09factory’s How Do You Like Wednesday? – Hayami x Mutio, hentai, extremely short, no translator
  • [Etrian Odyssey] Bronco Hitoritabi’s ….I have no idea what the title is – I think it goes up to Etrian Odyssey 3, hentai, no translator
  • [Houkago Play] Bluemage’s Raigeki-something or another – all those kids x each other 4-koma, hentai, no translator
  • [Persona 4 and Devil Summoner (Raidou Kuzunoha)] Longhorntrain’s Peruten – full color various orgy of the main cast from both games plus…..Hitokata de Alice? What? All hentai, by the way. No translator, maybe Ghost
  • [Random Rei Hiroe] TEX-MEX’s Get By Works 4.5 – Eva, Fate, blah, artwork and hentai, short, no translator
  • [Random tentacle] AskRay’s Black and White Tentacles – no idea, various tentacle sex, hentai, some text on pages, no translator
  • [Spice and Wolf] Nicomark (Minazuki Juuzoh) and Knockout’s Suggestive Wolf – using Anonymous Scanner’s scans, hentai, no translator

I really don’t know if we’ll ever get to all these seeing how the majority don’t have a translator………hell, there’s even more that I haven’t listed. But yeah, if anyone’s got the interest for anything, send me an email at pr.rabbit [at] gmail [dot] com. Joining up, collabs, supplying raws, just taking a look at the current projects (I was going to upload everything…….but damn, that’s a lot of files. Comment if you want something upped)……anything’ll do us good.

If you read this far, thanks.


  1. GiggLz says:

    Oooh, I’m the first to comment, woohoo! Oh, um, lol. ^_^

    Well for News sites, there’s me, sorta. Unless you’d like for me to stop, I’m still announcing your Yaoi/Yuri releases. If I can think of any other places to advertise, I’ll give ya a holla, but I’m sure you won’t need me for that.


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  3. Thanks, GiggLz, every bit of support counts.

    Too bad we only got one yaoi upcoming (the Blazblue….which I don’t even know if anyone already did it), maybe two if you count a P4 that hasn’t been touched at all. If you know of any willing translators……

  4. Athos says:

    Good god, man. I don’t know who your translator is gonna be, but by golly, you better love him like that one hot childhood friend you never paid attention to.

    I think I’m gonna read a few of those projects while I make up my mind.

  5. Arantxa says:

    So happy you’re back! (or at least half…?).
    I’d love to help you clean/typeset, I’m still a rookie but I learn quickly. Photoshop is an easy tool, so no worries about it.

    As for file hosters, I think Mediafire is a good place? Or maybe 4shared?

    Anyway, wish you the best of luck in the upcoming events, Prophet!

  6. GiggLz says:

    @Pretty, >///< You're most welcome!
    Its all good, you've got a lot comin up, I'll see what I can do ^_~

    Sadly I don't know anyone. Lol, well I don't think I really know any translators but if I happen to find any, I'll send em your way. In the meantime, good luck on your quest!


  7. Athos: well, I’m just guessing most of those won’t ever get a translator. They’re just things that’ve been cleaned or worked on in some way already. Hit me up with an email whenever you want.

    Arantxa: You know, didn’t think we’d get applicants this fast. Yeah, we’re already using MF though I heard 4shared was getting taken down. Hit me up with an email.

    GiggLz: Thanks, we’ll probably need that luck.

    And actually, I just set up the new forums at rabbitrevelry [dot] com [backslash] forum………so check that out if you want. Don’t know how set up it is though, so while you guys can register, don’t go spreading it around just yet.

  8. domi says:

    i am usually follow our dear GiggLz, and accept the offering… so i wish to follow with pleasure as well!:) and found the forum.

  9. GiggLz says:

    Teehee *glomps* Hi Domi! XD


  10. Domi, GiggLz: Glad to hear of it. I’ll probably announce the forum formally on the 14th aka the ACTUAL Reich anniversary………but it’ll pretty much be the same as before. I don’t know, maybe different theme I guess.

  11. GiggLz says:

    @Pretty *glomps* Well I already registered but haven’t poked around yet. I’ll be embarrassingly honest upfront: I suck @ forums but will give it a try >.<


  12. I ain’t a forum fan either, but eh, have to organize somewhere.

  13. GiggLz says:

    Well this is true, but why not LJ or Dreamwidth, or InsaneJournal or Goggle Blogspot? Not easier?


  14. I figure forums would be easier for back and forth talk on a variety of stuff; no need to follow along day by day, just watch the topics being discussed. Plus we always had a forum since….like, few years ago, it was just rarely used. Here’s hoping this’ll be at least somewhat active.

  15. GiggLz says:

    Ohhh, ok well that makes sense… Plus, the forums pretty pretty now ^_^
    I’m sure you can rally the rabbits into activity …I must be tired, cuz that either didn’t make sense or sounded nawty. Now how I get those 2very different things, I dunno. *crawls to bed*


  16. blackpeppergeneral says:

    longtime lurker and fan here~

    I’m still learning Japanese, but have both edited and translated in the past,. So if the position for either is still available. I imagine more of a need for the translator position…
    Nonetheless, I am interested!
    (I have a 3 day work shift, so I’m somewhat free).

    As for release updates, perhaps considering ‘Google Groups’ ?

  17. Both are available, for sure. Sent email to discuss………..and Google Groups, huh? How’s that work? Anyone got experience with that?

  18. blackpeppergeneral says:

    Thank you for getting back to me. I have sent a reply to the email and commenting here too.

    Google groups works like a mailing list-forum system. Provided the people suscribing have a gmail or hotmail account, they should be able to receive automatic updates from the website.
    Posts may be marked private and the group can be set to invitation only basis.

    Livejournal is useful due to the tag system in place.

    Those two come to mind for now.

  19. GiggLz says:

    @blackpeppergeneral, is Google groups like Yahoo!Groups?
    Just curious.


  20. blackpeppergeneral says:

    @ GiggLz
    It’s been a while since I’ve used Yahoo!Groups, but… they are similar.

    Obvious differences would be the system of the respective interface of Yahoo and Google though mail updates from the ‘Group’ seems common.
    Sadly, that is all I know about them =/

    I hope that my answer was helpful in some way.

  21. Hm, wouldn’t this mean people would actually have to know OF us first, in order to make Google/Yahoo useful? We always liked using stuff like Manga-Updates because it was a bigass directory.

  22. Emeryl says:

    I’ve been doing a lot of updating my site because of all the recent stuff with Megaupload and hosting services closing. Since I’ve been taking a look at all my stuff I figured I’d make an organized update post here:

    As you guys well know, I have Patalliro translations and RAWs to work on for over 60 chapters.

    I don’t have RAWs for: Diamond Cats (porn), Shinesman. But I do have translations available for them and I’m willing to continue Shinesman if anyone ever provides RAWs.

    I plan on working on: Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi. I DO have RAWs. However, this won’t be done for a long time (there’s no chapter breaks in the series so it’ll be one whole volume at a time, and I’m doing it slowly on the side. It’s also based on Japanese history and has quite a bit of keigo so it’s more challenging to translate.)

  23. Yeah, loss of MU’s a bitch. So far Depositfiles, Hotfile, and Mediafire SEEM fine……..but who knows for how long.

    Looking over the new staff list, we probably got enough to keep working on Patalliro once a month. Cleaning shouldn’t take long, typesetting’s where most of the labor’s at. If we get more people, maybe Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi.

  24. GiggLz says:

    @blackpeppergeneral, yes that was helpful, lol and no that was not sarcasm ^_^ I guess it kinda answered itself: Google GROUPS, lol. my special days come and go but thanks for replying *hugglz*

    @pretty, hi >.<


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  26. Rika_Shiguma says:

    I sent an email to It basically said I could edit some scripts, but if you have the time to train someone I could do another job.

  27. Hey Rika, the email didn’t seem to get through, so I sent one to you to discuss.

  28. masterofthepen says:

    I’ve got doujinshi raws that I scanned myself. Mostly non-H Wild ARMs stuff, but I’ve also got the Bros. Comics EX Anthology Persona 4 – Girls Only, which is mostly gag stuff focused on the girls, but the whole cast make frequent appearances. My scans are all publicly hosted on MediaFire, so e-mail me if you’re interested, and I’ll send you a link to my stuff.

  29. Sent an email to discuss.

  30. salsk says:

    I’m interested in translating for you guys.
    I already sent an email.

  31. salsk says:

    Don’t tell me this group died right when I was about to apply…

  32. GiggLz says:

    @salsk, no way. The Rabbits are probably just busy or the email didn’t go through? Maybe give it a couple more days and/or try sending again and let them know it’s a duplicate?


  33. No worries, we’re talking now.

    See, this is what goddamn devil water does to you.

  34. GiggLz says:

    Yea sure, thats what they all say *as I’m takin a sip*


  35. Hey, I never said I was going dry.

  36. GiggLz says:

    *pats pretty* Good prettyprophet, gooood. Let’s open another bottle, Cheers!


  37. To another drink.

  38. GiggLz says:

    I’m all over it! XD

    And I forgot to put this in my other comment but you’re looking for file hosts? What about Minus? You get 10gigs and an extra if you sign up from an invite. If you want an invite, remind me of your email address and I’ll send it.
    Otherwise I can only think of 4shared (that I use) and I’ve heard of (which I haven’t used as of yet)


  39. Minus, huh? Yeah, I’ll take it, send it on over to pr.rabbit [at] gmail [dot] com. And I guess we can give 4shared a shot, unless there are people out there who object? Well, if they do, they better tell us.

  40. GiggLz says:

    D’oh! I shoulda known that was the email, duh me. ^_^
    Just sent it. Ooh, you could do a poll?


  41. Thanks for the invite, and…..yeah, I could think of a poll.

  42. Lita says:

    Just sent an email ^^~

  43. Got it, and replied, thanks.

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  45. Lih says:

    Erm.. Could I join..? I’m new though ._. But, I can do Typsetter, Script Editor and Supplier… You could choose one for me or I can do all three or something.. ._.

  46. Sent an email, thanks.

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