Liberty, Lunacy, Love

HoneyComb ~ Ch. 01-02

Asuka Katsura's HoneyComb chapters 1-2

“Honey honey, up in the trees
Fill the flowers deep in his dreams
Eat them out to sea by the east
Honey honey, food for the bees”

So, 4 years now, huh? Have a new project to celebrate that: “HoneyComb” or “Honey Comb” by Asuka Katsura. Comedy, maid cafe, management, wait staff, menial labor, otaku, moe, weirdos, blah blah blah craziness overall. Got chapters 1 and 2 right here for the download.

Sticky’s still up, Rabbits still recruiting, so give it a read. Also, here’s the Rabbit forums, go populate it because nothing’s there. Guess that’s all to say for now? Alright, enjoy it.



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