Liberty, Lunacy, Love

HoneyComb ~ Ch. 03

Ghetto broke tsundere

“Taiyo no shita de hana ni kakomarete
Anata to hibi sugoshitai
Kono omoi wo mune ni
Atarashii sekai de
Watashi rashiku ikiru

Asuka Katsura’s “HoneyComb”, chapter 3, introducing Kanenari the beggargirl. It’s just moe, ain’t it?

Forum and new twitter‘s up, by the way. Join up because…….well, no one else is. Also need tips on more stable filehosts. And recruiting staff. Yeah, that’s it for now, I guess.




  1. This Guy says:

    The suffering of the lower class is the epitome of moe.

  2. And to burn down the bourgeoisie is the path of the otaku.

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