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ACHTUNG: Raw Rabbit Hunt


There’s still recruiting too.

Did I mention we got a Twitter up again? So aside from that old news, we’re also looking for raws. Specifically these ones:

While Gisele Alain would be the top pick, whichever one of these series we get first…….that’s the one we’re going to do. Believe it or not, there’s a deadline for this: May 3rd, 2012. Two weeks from now, if we aren’t able to find raws of these series (with working download links)….well, we may just never do them for……secret reasons, I guess. So please, help us out.


  1. [...] We’ll probably end up doing a re-release of 13-16 later for editing consistency. Course, we’ll need editors for that…….so if people want to join up, that would be damn great. Then there’s also this announcement right here. [...]

  2. ZerOMegA says:

    Mein lieber Rabbit Führer you can find an active link for Gisele Alain vol 2 here:
    99.1 Mb (4% recovery record)
    I’m sending the same message to your Gmail account just in case.

  3. Got the email, replied, thanks a ton. Will get working on that.

  4. hahhah42 says:

    Found the following on various forums – as I don’t know any Japanese, I can’t guarantee that nothing’s missing, but they passed my cursory inspection:

    Hinamatsuri volumes 1-3:

    Reiroukan Kenzai Nariya Volume 1 (too big for mediafire, let me know if another host is preferred):

    I found torrents for volumes 1-2 of Go West!, but they both seem to be dead… I’ll let you know if I manage to complete either of them.

    Also, there don’t seem to be any working links for Miyazaki’s Otto Carius, chapter 5.

  5. Downloading and links are good, thanks. Otto Carius is back up too.

  6. [...] for the whole newspost I put up a bit back, that was kind of a surprise……..because pretty much every manga raw we asked for got [...]

  7. ZerOMegA says:

    I made a backup of the files of Go West! in case you were not able to download the links I sent by email.
    No pass – 4% recovery record
    Vol 01
    Vol 02
    Vol 03
    Vol 04

  8. I’ll pass these along to salsk, thanks.

  9. dosetsu says:

    I have self-scanned raw for “Is Reiroukan Still Alive?” and “Gisèle Alain.” If you’re interested in them, you can find me on IRCHighway under the same nick.

  10. We actually happen to have Reiroukan vol. 1 and Gisele vol. 2 now, so we’re good for the time being. Thanks for the offer, will contact you if we need those raws.

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