Liberty, Lunacy, Love

Acony ~ Ch. 17

Blinded by the science

“As long as houses are built, as long as tablets are sealed,
as long as brothers are at enmity,
as long as there exist strife and hatred in the land,
as long as the river carries the waters to the sea,
so long is there no likeness of death drawn
When the alu-demon and the eziz-demon greetaman,
then the Anunnaki, the great gods assemble
and the goddess of fate, she who with them determines fate, will do so,
For they determine death and life.
But the days of death are unknown to mankind

And we’re back with Kei Toume’s “Acony”, chapter 17. red rabbits and the Rabbit Reich, joined together once more, for “Acony”, “Gun Frontier”, and “Arthur Pyuty”. You can thank iskra and ak for keeping up the RR for all that during the group collapse. Speaking of which, go vote for ak’s blog on Monday at Aniblog.

We’ll probably end up doing a re-release of 13-16 later for editing consistency. Course, we’ll need editors for that…….so if people want to join up, that would be damn great. Then there’s also this announcement right here.

And that’s it, enjoy the release.




  1. that guy says:

    thanks heaps for continuing acony

  2. RoflCat says:

    Normally I’d like to call bullshit on how they solved that, but considering this apartment is a place where a Medusa, a Dryad, a samurai frog, among other supernatural occurances exist…can’t refute the option of that…

    Although I wonder why the dad hasn’t told her until now.

  3. [...] down and the red plague ruthlessly killed in the bud. And the Reich takes over – go and grab Acony 17 [...]

  4. asdfffdsa says:


  5. MrWolfbite says:

    Thank you again Rabbits for another chapter of Acony!
    Even though I was scared for a sec thinking the series might end in a weird way so im so confused, is this the end or will it continue!?

  6. There’s still several chapters to go; Acony’s not done yet.

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