Liberty, Lunacy, Love

Present for me ~ Ch. 01

Psychic Youth

“Come on get down
Come get down
Make amends, make a bow
Come on get down
Come get down
Mighty youth, here and now”

And here we are with Masakazu Ishiguro’s (the guy behind Soredemo) “Present for me”, a volume of oneshots. New project, new translator; you can thank salsk for pushing this one. First chapter: “Psychic Youth Brigade, Move Out!”…….which should give you some idea what it’ll be about. Well, some.

Enjoy the May Day.




  1. Yo says:

    I’m not sure what the heck I just read. I thought it was pretty bad. Agreed on the whole carrier thing (& where was the rest of the fleet?). Thanks anyways?

  2. Well, they’ll probably get there soon, since I doubt any nation would just ignore one of their carriers blowing up for no reason.

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