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Gisèle Alain ~ Ch. 06

Gisele Alain manga adoption

“Don’t want to hear about your little problems
We’re not so political and nobody cares where you’re from, where you’re from
‘Cause you know that laugh, it’s a thing of wonder
We can wait, we can wait, we can wait for the morning to come, to come”

“Gisele Alain”, volume 2, chapter 6, slice of life old school France manga by Sui Kasai. Starring……Gisele Alain of All Trades. So that makes it 3 scanlations we’ve got featuring a titular girl now, the other two being “Acony” and “Sadomi” (5 if you count “Food Girls” and “Plastic Girl”), and yet another project we’ve adopted. Japan loves these apartment stories, eh?

You all can thank salsk for pushing this one, and ZerOMegA for sending over the raws (and then some). But you know, given the hella huge amount of new projects we got now………recruiting more editors and whatnot for the Rabbits might just get out Gisele faster……just a FYI.




  1. Rockmanshii says:

    Fuck yay thanks.

  2. Pamplemousse says:

    Gisele is back !

  3. Lunawingz says:

    Oh Hey! THanks for translating it. If you require a QC/editor/basic cleaning, I’m happy to help :)

  4. No prob, everyone.

    Lunawingz: Shoot me over an email to the pr.rabbit@gmail account, thanks.

  5. namelesszuperman says:

    thank god someone picked it up

  6. Lypiphera says:

    Hum, I was about to point out that the accent on the ‘e’ of Gisèle’s name is wrong in chapter 6 (you guys kept spelling it as “Giséle”), but then I realized you guys were probably using the author’s inaccurate spelling of the name to be consistent.

    Anyway, it’s supposed to be “Gisèle”, not “Giséle.” The author dun goofed!

  7. salsk says:

    Ah, I didn’t realize that, thanks for pointing it out. I assumed the title was correct, but then again, I guess it was dumb of me to trust a Japanese person on anything related to language. My ‘French consultant’ didn’t catch it either, so I guess I’m forced to go beat him up.
    I’ll fix the spelling for chapter seven onward.

  8. Dee says:

    Omg, omg, thank you!!!! :D I just came back to reading manga a while ago and was delighted you guys have scanlated this. =3


    P.S. I love you guys but well, selling my soul into eternal slavery is out of the question. Just so you know. =p

  9. 5ortunato says:

    Wow, what a great series! Thanks for once again introducing me to an amazing new manga.

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