Liberty, Lunacy, Love

The First Reich

It all began with a certain individual named funny_bunny and his love for rabbits and comics. One thing led to another and The Rabbit Republic came into being. The original goal of the Republic was to simply scan a select few chapters of Range Murata‘s Robot Vol. 1; of course, it didn’t take long for things to balloon out of his hands and begin stomping around like the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters. Furthermore, funny_bunny was, and still is, inept at following through on things, so it all culminated in holstein taking over and honey_bunny maintaining order. It was at that point when everyone realized how bloated the Republic was on terms of membership and how the “Republic” was anything but. Though no one, not even funny_bunny nor holstein, ever had the intent to continue past Vol. 1 of Robot, it was decided that the Republic would cease with it.

And thus The Rabbit Reich was born. Unlike the Republic, there is no central authority or even a true group leader the Thousand Rabbits more or less decide stuff, but not really. Everyone does whatever they want, as long as the others give consent. Yeah, not much of a Reich. None of it really matters, as the Reich is just the Republic with a name change. But there is one specific difference: the Republic scanned comics, the Reich scans artbooks. Artbooks and the various fancies of various Rabbits. We do artbooks AND scanlations now.

To accommodate our posts of things with no relation to scan work, Villa Leporidae was created (now defunct). However, funny_bunny felt that the bright and cheerful nature of the Villa required opposition…bringing about The Club Cowslip, which originally was considered “Villa Leporidae Black”. Fittingly, the Club houses our Randy Rabbit After Dark releases. Very NSFW.

So that’s what we’re all about. Pretty things. Remember kids, “Gut ist tot” “Beauty is Good” and “We are the Decadent”.

Great Moon Rabbit Avatar
Great Moon Rabbit “the Mother and Father To Us All”

Funny Pixie
funny_bunny “the Whimsical”

holstein Satan
holstein “the Forceful”
Honey YHWH
honey_bunny “the Peacemaker”
nde Jack Frost
nde “the Detached”

Ministry of Deliberation and Junk
Aerith's Manikin
Aerith’s Bitch “the Slave of Geek-Stuff”
ak Oberon
ak “the Red Hooded”
Ed the Incubus
edthefucker “the Asshole”
Ink Baphomet
Killer Ink “the Voyeur”
Lavie Nyx
Lavie Rhap “the Sisterly”

Ecclesia of Morals and Cakes
Cosmosmith “the Lover of Oji-san”
jujube Po
jujube “the Minor”
Patty Angel
Kawaii Pattycakes “the Japanophile”
Motoko “the Major”
Prophet Pyro Jack
prettyprophet “the Passionate”

Army of the Thousand Rabbits
7672359440 “the Obsessive”
-_- “the Emotive”
alphabetsoup “the Garçonne”
Barbarossa “the Lustful Drunk”
Booberella “the Boobs”
Bug Prince “the Twitch”
Crunchy “the Nasty”
D “the Malcolm X”
Emily “the Semi-Commie”
Fallen “the Errant”
HERZOG “the Critique”
Jessia “the Crazy Cat Lady”
Kibbles&Mint “the Gourmand”
knein “the Totally Normal and Not a Pervert”
La_Creame “the Cultured”
Mori “the Glasses”
Nate-Dawg “the REAL Nate Dogg”
Nyx “the Fucking Scary Ring Chick”
Peking Duck “the Commie”
piss o baal “the Batshit Insane”
Princess Tea “the Wishy-Washy”
Whopper “the French”
puffismagix “the Addled”
Q’ute “the Penny Pinching”
sinergistic “the Runcible Spoon”
Tenki “the Suikoden Nut”
trev “the Manly”
Trojan “the Easygoing”
TrueMind “the Fury”
zizzle “the Sleeping Bishie”