Liberty, Lunacy, Love


Rabbit Roulette #1

Pleinair likes to download

Hyung-tae Kim – Oxide
Yoshitoshi ABe – Sketches (2000)

Manga Raws
4-Koma Kings – Persona 4
Satomi Mikuriya – Nora Vol. 1
Satomi Mikuriya – Nora Vol. 2

Perfume – Perfume ~Complete Best~
Wolf Parade – Apologies to the Queen Mary

GBA – Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town


pageratta’s [Sadomi the Sadist Girl]

pageratta's Sadomi the Sadist Girl

“saikou o motomete owari no nai tabi o suru no wa
kitto bokura ga ikiteiru shouko dakara
oh! yeah! genjitsu ni uchinomesare taoresou ni natte mo
kitto mae o mitearuku Dream Fighter


Nyankotei’s [Pi]


“You wait your turn, you’ll be last in line
This is the beginning
Get out the way, ’cause I’m getting mine
This is the beginning
God helps the ones that can help themselves
This is the beginning
May be too late as far as I can tell
This is the beginning”


Sadomi ~ Ch. 0046-0050

Conflict is so pointless

“I find giants. I hunt giants. I kill giants.”


Sadomi – Ch. 0041-0045

Bitches, LEAVE

“Let us give ourselves indiscriminately to everything our passions suggest, and we will always be happy…Conscience is not the voice of Nature but only the voice of prejudice.”


Sadomi ~ Ch. 0036-0040

You can only draw with love and fire

“Death is not a hunter unbeknownst to its prey…”


Sadomi – Ch. 0019-0035

Have some food girls for spice

“Don’t go easy on ‘em, just ’cause they’re cute!!”


Sadomi ~ Ch. 0001-0018

no more erasers

“You were a child
Crawling on your knees toward it
Making momma so proud
But your voice is too loud

We like to watch you laughing
You pick the insects off plants
No time to think of consequences”