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ACHTUNG: No Such Thing As Too Much Revelry

Hey, it ain't Year of the Rabbit yet

Until someone pukes up a pelvis bone.

  • Kei Toume’s “Acony” volume 2, chapter 9. A short story on drinking. Man, I want some sake.
  • Todd Special aka Todd Oyamada’s “Futanari Song” version 2 release. It’s hentai/yaoi/futa/genderbending/dom Nier doujinshi, superjoint scanlation between Anonymous Scanner’s high-res scans, Brolen’s translation, and Rabbit editing. Axis of Awesome, yo.
  • Mineo Maya’s “Patalliro” volume 9, chapter 29. Spy fiction with MI6, joint with Onadoru Euphoria.
  • Katsuhiro Otomo’s “Sayonara Japan” chapter 3. 80s gangbanging cash money, thug life, bitches and whores. And judo. That’s the Big Apple for you. Sidenote: seems like Kaichou!’s gone.
  • Captain Harlock! Holy shit! Yeah, re-scanlating Leiji Matsumoto’s “Space Pirate Captain Harlock” with Rabbit translations via new translator Katatonia. Can we afford to do a new series? Hey, we’re about to find out. Props go out to our benefactor who wants to be anonymous.
  • Go Nagai’s Oni oneshot, another one tossed over by Katatonia. Uncensored nudity and violence! Which is great, because that just segues right into………..
  • ………this shit. Bill 156! Shintaro Ishihara! Fuck him. Hey, wanna hear something hilarious? Takeshi Nogami, Takaaki Suzuki, and Dan Kanemitsu via doujinshi circle Firstspear made a doujinshi manga all about this. CHECK IT OUT. And get this, Dan Kanemitsu’s translating it into english himself! Does it get anymore hilarious?
  • Anyways, back to porn. Niku Drill aka Toumasu’s “Jingai Haruman” chapter 2! It’s got ant girls making sex slaves out of men. Living the dream, eh? Joint with Anonygoo, who did the first one of this series.


Niku Drill’s [Jingai Haruman 2]

What is it with boys wanting to fuck everything?

The Club’s a wretched hive.

ACHTUNG: WikiLeaks Reveals Rabbit Regime Doing Just Fine

Be a delinquent

In other news, purges kill everyone. [UPDATE: Another donor? What the fuck.]

  • Kei Toume’s Acony manga, chapter 8. Though the release raised the spirits of the populace, it was not enough to appease funny_bunny’s paranoia and a number of Rabbits were sent to camps to be reeducated into Raidou Kuzunoha impersonators.
  • Immediately afterwards, Kiken Shisou’s Princess Fall Down ~ Fragment One was released to draw out the decadent staff. They were then given a luxurious meal of cheesecake and imprisoned on a game reserve to be hunted at funny_bunny’s leisure.
  • Rumors of total regime collapse circulated, only to be cut short by the release of pageratta’s webcomic Sadomi the Sadist Girl Strikes Back chapters 11-20. Amidst the rejoicing, dissidents were disappeared by funny_bunny himself, armed with a riding crop and a pair of handcuffs.
  • Seeking to reaffirm loyalty amongst the Ministry, Leiji Matsumoto’s Gun Frontier chapter 8 was released. Any goodwill from this tactic was wasted when holstein went on a chocolate vodka-fueled rampage, exploding several Rabbits, including ak, Ghost in the Machine, and Mori, and was rumored to have stabbed funny_bunny multiple times with her withering glare.
  • The open bloodshed from the previous revelry created a state of emergency as officials attempted to confirm funny_bunny’s physical status and seize control for their own ends. This situation was resolved when prettyprophet renewed the alliance with the Principality of Anonygoo and released Todd Oyamada’s Black and White Puppet. She then reestablished order by setting the Rabbit Capital ablaze with nuclear flame.


Todd Oyamada’s [Black and White Puppet]

Todd Oyamada's Black and White Puppet

Black and White Club.

ACHTUNG: The Last Days of the Rabbits


…Or is it?


St. Armadel Ch.’s [Melancholic Automaton Vol. 2]

Kagetora's Melancholic Automaton Vol. 2

Club’s automatically melancholy.

Inoue Kiyoshirou’s [The Young Lady is Watching!?]

ojou-sama ga miteru

Watching a mess of Goo and Cowslip.

RUBBISH Selecting Squad’s [RE11]

I haven't been fucked like that since grade school

It takes Cowslip to make tentacles sweet.

Inoue Kiyoshirou’s [Itokoto!]

Inoue Kiyoshiro's Itokoto cover

Only the Club’ll let you kiss your cousins.

ACHTUNG: Rabbits So Not Gosu

How long do you guys think it'll take before someone makes a full Nova game before Blizzard does?

Blizzard used Starcraft 2! It’s super effective!

  • So July started with a Cowslip release: “P3lovers” from circle DEX+. You know, because of Persona 3 PSP. PS: optional Ken rape minigame, no matter the sex.
  • Well, well, well, Randy Rabbits keep on going……thanks to Anonygoo’s translation of “Melancholic Automaton Vol. 1″ from St. Armadel Ch. aka Studio Nama. PS: there’s a volume two; we’ll get to it one day. So never, right?
  • …………..and then this shit happened. Eh, the Club’s porn, so getting hit with a hack was bound to happen sooner or later………..too bad it carried over into the Reich and main Revelry index. If you want me to talk the mechanics of it…….I wouldn’t know because tech ain’t my forte. Ask Funbuns, get confused even further. Actually, fuck it, just ask me.
  • To make up for that couple days of downtime, okama’s Cat’s World! Chapter 4! So Pat got herself a cat……and now nde’s thinking about adopting one………….but nah, I veto that because our house is way too unsafe for animals. Sorry, kid.
  • Tokyo Babylon yaoi commission of those two CLAMP boys going at it by myu-san, from Funny for…..someone.
  • Rabbit Roulette #3, end of a trilogy…..prematurely really, since…….well, you’ll see a few links down. Yo, if you want to help the Rabbits out, download from the Deposit Files links as well as from your preferred method, because the extra cents we get accumulates……..and then hey, maybe we’ll find you guys some of that rare, obscure doujinshi! Like the Cat Shit One rabbits x Harlock! Or Food Girls x Plastic Girl!
  • Can’t forget about princesses though….we know okama didn’t: “Princess Canaria and I”, from his OKAMAX book. Children’s picture book excerpts. You know, for the kids.
  • Ah hell, another WAR ON SCANLATION ESCALATION OOGA BOOGA OOGA BOOGA post. What a way to cap off the end of the month on a high note, huh?