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ACHTUNG ATENCION: Rabbit Recruiting

JOIN THE RABBITS, FIGHT FASCISTS.....even though we're the Reich

It’s the recruitment post and it’s so important, it’s a STICKY.

Seriously, click this because it’s more than just recruitment noise.



This is the Revelry

Read this NOW.

  • Number ONE: Rabbits are now based at the Rabbit Revelry. The versions of the Reich and the Club WILL NOT be updated or moderated. I’ll keep tabs on it for a while though, to make sure any sorry kid doesn’t wander in thinking we’re still there
  • Number TWO: If you haven’t noticed, we like to link within our own site, send viewers to other projects or things we’ve done. This is a major problem now because, despite importing everything into here, all the old links naturally go to OLD REICH and OLD CLUB. None of us want to fix EVERY SINGLE LINK. So if there is a problem (maybe you can’t get to a page, maybe links are dead, whatever), please let us know. Seriously, LET US KNOW. We WILL take care of it; it’s just that the site’s so fucking all over the place and we don’t know where to start checking.
  • Number THREE: Paypal! This time we actually NEED it because a site costs yearly fees. If we (and by we, I mean Funny) can’t afford to keep this up, we’re moving back to Keep in mind, we also need funds to get our own raws. Will we keep scanlating without donations? Yes. Will it make things a lot easier for us if we do get donations? God, yes.
  • Number FOUR: We’d like more images for the Reich banner……and maybe the index page. Villa and Revolution still need to be updated to the Revelry. So yeah, Pleinair fanart! Hit us up.
  • Number FIVE: The Club Cowslip only – We’re starting donor projects. Basically projects on the fence. The list’ll probably change over time, seeing how some other group might do it before we do.
  • Number SIX: I guess that’s it.



Miku backs us up

Second Rabbit contest ever! Even crazier and wetter than before!


Rabbit Revelry: Say Hello, Rabbit-Chan

Hello, I am Rabbit-Chan!



ACHTUNG: Surviving Soulhacking

Odin Muramasa Kitsune Boobs

Beat it.



Rabbits! Contests! NUMERO UNO!

First Rabbit contest ever! CLICK ON FOR DETAILS!


ACHTUNG: Metaphysical Express 999

Earthly Delights.......MECHAFETUS STYLE

2009′s PS3 RPG, “Cross Edge”, has a rape simulator featuring Laharl and several Prinnies of “Disgaea” fame. 110% serious.


The Rabbit Tweetable

I am become death, destroyer of worlds



MOTHERFUCKING IMPORTANT: How far does the Rabbit Hole go?

If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh?

Read this shit ASAP or GTFO.


ACHTUNG: You got me so hypnotized…

Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul.