Liberty, Lunacy, Love


Mayoineko’s [Taokaka Special]



BLACK TAIL ANGELs’ [Yasogami High's Sports Meet]

You're lucky social links don't reverse in P4

“Put put put your hands together
For the silver bullet make me
Put put put your heads together
For the cause and cure we’re waiting
Digging through and past the center
Of the earth go straight
Play the scientist and vandal
Sweating either way”


ATENCION: Rabbits are on Tumblr

The Hermit

Nah, just me, Prophet. And it’s just for Megaten. Well, maybe stuff I’m working on at the time. The thing’s called Hee-ho! Peace out.

Bakunyu Fullnerson’s [Paradise?]

Heaven is getting a lollipop shoved into your urethra!

The Club is pure PARADISE.

Gambler Club’s [Nyotai Driver]

Nyotai Driver cover

Gamble a Cowslip.

ACHTUNG: Minato Arisato is the Hottest Persona Protagonist

And then they all fucked Minato until he passed out in delirium

Followed closely by Soji Seta, then Tatsuya Suou…and no love for Naoya Todo.

  • “Doodle, doodle!”, Persona 4 artbook doujinshi from circle Turuya, artist Nepon. So that’s our Megaten quota for the month.
  • “Bitch & Fetish”, Bayonetta hentai yuri futa doujinshi from circle Escargot Club, artist Jyubaori Masyumaro…and other people. Bayonetta has Jeanne fuck her. Joint with Anonymous Scanner.
  • “Patalliro!” chapter 30, Mineo Maya. Drug war this time……..joint with Onadoru Euphoria.
  • “Gun Frontier” chapter 10, Leiji Matsumoto. Baby Dragoon gets showcased. Oh, and nudity and rape.
  • “Blue Reflection”, Valkyria Chronicles 1 and 2 hentai doujinshi from Todd Special, artist Todd Oyamada. We got Maximilian x Selvaria and a bunch of Lanseal troops x Juliana. Massive joint project between Anonymous Scanner (oh hey, high-res release) and Brolen.
  • And I took over the Rabbits, by the way. That happened on April 1st, by the way.


IMPORTANT: Prophet Takes Over the Rabbits

I'm not mad with power at all

Funny’s been exiled thanks to gross incompetence; I’m now in charge.


Todd Special’s [Blue Reflection]

Selvaria was the protagonist of Valkyria Chronicles

Cowslippin’ off the Battlefield.

Escargot Club’s [Bitch & Fetish]

Escargot Club's Bitch and Fetish HENTAI FUTA YURI SEXYTIMES doujinshi

A Club for bitches and fetishists!

Turuya’s [Doodle, doodle!]

Almost wish I had some trauma so Soji could therapy my ass

Darkness Endless Despair Fear no more
Coldness Blackened No sound Feel no pain
Captured Helpless Ultimate Dreadful fate
Powerless Lifeless No breath Falling down”