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ATENCION: War on Scanlation Escalates, War on Terrorism Showcased in Another Blog


Completely formal and official statement on the current scanlation situation.


ACHTUNG: War on Scanlation Primetime Special

Hetalia genderswaps are cool

More important than any actual war!


Nie Jun's [My Street] Vol. 01

Believe in angels and the dead

“Can you feel?
Can you feel that hybrid rainbow?
kinou made erabarenakatta bokura demo
ashita wo matteru”


ACHTUNG: WTF Month Campaign Disaster!

Nice WTF

The fat princess must become the sugarless girl. MUZiC, double-you-tee-eff??!!


Firefly Inn ~ Ch. 05

The horror, the horror

Agathon: Didn’t you once write: “You love the light. Do you think your father doesn’t?”

Euripedes: I did.

Agathon: Then don’t expect anyone else to bear your burdens. We’d be mad. Keep your problems to yourself. Mishaps must be faced and squarely tackled, not wriggled out of.

Mnesilochus: Don’t tell me it was wriggling, arsehole, that got your bottom buggered and squarely backed?