Liberty, Lunacy, Love


Patalliro! – Ch. 29


“The song is not the same when we’re all
played out, played out, all played out
They said the member is all
played out, played out, all played out
tell me did you feel that?”


ATENCION: War on Scanlation Escalates, War on Terrorism Showcased in Another Blog


Completely formal and official statement on the current scanlation situation.


ACHTUNG: War on Scanlation Primetime Special

Hetalia genderswaps are cool

More important than any actual war!


Okama ~ Okamax Ch. “Camellias”

okama's Camellias

Linus van Pelt: Every Easter, the Easter Beagle comes dancing along with his basket full of eggs, which he hands out to all the good little children.

Sally Brown: That sounds faintly familiar. I remember sitting out in a stupid pumpkin patch all night waiting for The Great Pumpkin to come. That was the worst night of my life.

Linus van Pelt: But this is different. That was Halloween. This is Easter.


Rabbit Revelry: Say Hello, Rabbit-Chan

Hello, I am Rabbit-Chan!