Etrian Oddity, or the World Tree Madness in the West: #00002


“Gudeui hansumsoge chug chyojin balgorum soge
charari momchwojigil baranun haruga isso
amuron gidedo obgo irohda hal sollemdo obso
hajiman bakwonagal yonggido iyudo obso”

Etrian Oddity Issue #00002 – Etrian Psycho

funny_bunny: I enjoyed doing this chapter VERY much. Hey nde, what do YOU think?

nde: I guess it’s pretty accurate.

funny_bunny: Hoho.

prettyprophet: You’d think this would stop me from walking around the house near-nude, but it’s not. I mean, funny once wrote a story where someone who MAY HAVE BEEN BASED ON ED whacked off to someone WHO MAY HAVE BEEN BASED ON NDE who was getting murdered. At least this was non-sexual.

funny_bunny: And very true-to-life.

prettyprophet: Ok, let’s get this done:

The whole thing was basically just a near-copy of American Psycho’s opening monologue. It was actually a lot more accurate at first, but we had to cut it down for five panels. Why the hell would we make such a reference to a book/movie that Etrian Odyssey fans probably don’t care about? Truth is, World Tree’s an excuse for us to put our lives into comic form. Expect continuous references and crossovers with things that have absolutely nothing to do with EO.

Panel One

You can thank Barbarossa for the photo. Guy’s a castle nut so funny just asked him for whatever. This one fit into the frame decent enough.

Panel Two

My/Harvest’s comment about stupid student concept films is a direct quote of…myself. We were passing by some of the boys who were watching something on Youtube. I took a look and said, “Wow, what a stupid student concept film”. You know, all flash and technique because the actors can’t carry shit. Nate turns to me and he’s just like, “That’s MY film, you bitch.” “Yeah, it still sucks.” Yeah, I’m turning into ed.

Also, I don’t spend all the time in the nude. I live with my family, not just nde, so sadly I must put on something while the folks are in the house. Usually it’s a gown from Lavie. But as we all know, funny has an active imagination.

Something I almost forgot to add: funny seriously was considering drawing areola and nipple because he’s crazy and doesn’t mind pissing me off. Then he saw naked Salvatore and thought the lure of the unknown was sexier. Thank the fucking Moon Rabbit. PS: I laugh at Pat because she’s so sick, she can’t even play games like DISGAEA 3. funny, go rob that slut.

Panel Three

We don’t have a tub. But I do sing in the shower. That right there is from Cherry Filter’s Revolution A.D. …I think funny’s also using them as the opening quote for this. Monologue there is completely true except for the honey bit. I think we were just changing words around or something.

Panel Four

Funny story behind that hair dryer. About a year ago we had to head up to a wedding and stayed at a swanky hotel. nde comes up to me and he says, “Beloved sister, used the hair dryer yet? It’s pretty strong.” I try it out, damn, it was for such a small thing. So I stole it and now it’s what we use at home.

Also, there was MUCH argument over the sound effects of a hair dryer. nde suggested ‘whirrrr’ but funny’s like, “No, that’s too much like spinning.” Long story short: wrrrr.

No, I don’t drink in the morning. We needed something that had to do with the word ‘alcohol’ so we were like, fuck it, make me an alcoholic.

That thing on my arm isn’t a watch. It’s really a bracelet with an electric charge in it. I saw it in HK but wasn’t carrying any cash, so nde got it for me. Kid, you regret doing that?

nde: No, you never use it on me.

prettprophet: I bet everyone else hates you. Anyways…boobs. Specifically mine. Want to know where they came from?

funny_bunny: I used HAPPOU BIJIN illustrations!

prettprophet: My reaction to that was recorded in the ‘Leporidae Rex’ ACHTUNG post over at the Reich. My words? “Fucking Father Christmas”. And I stand by them.

funny_bunny: I wanted shapely, firm ones.

prettprophet: Yes. Now I expect some hot and sweaty boy love action to compensate.

funny_bunny: Turning into Pat?

prettprophet: No, I just want…no, wait, fuck it. THIS TOPIC IS OVER.

Panel Five

I’m wearing a Kazu Kibuishi ‘Pachyderm Forest’ shirt which I do not have. I didn’t even know it was that shirt until funny told me since…frankly, you can’t even tell from that lack of detail. Thank you funny for drawing us in apparel we would like to one day own, thus furthering our desires.

A sidenote here that Ink noticed…if Harvest and Snowflake are royalty…why the hell do they share a bathroom? Uh, because they’re too cheap and Asian to get another one.

funny_bunny: I’m copying off SKETCHBOOK from now on as my main source! It’s done by MUSASHI QUALTIY and it’s ROCKING.

prettprophet: I just started reading it…yeah, that’s high school all over again. Minus any art club. Anyways, in these explanations…I’m not referring to Harvest/myself as ME anymore. They’re CARICATURES of ourselves and that’s that.

funny_bunny: Why not switch all willy-nilly? IT’LL BE FUN.

prettprophet: And confusing. So there, Harvest was a nude skank in this issue.

funny_bunny: With excellent boobs.

prettprophet: Right. When’s your chapter?

funny_bunny: Oh, you know me. I’m always wearing something!

prettprophet: Not when you sleep.

funny_bunny: Hey, let’s make that the end page for the next release. “WHAT DO YOU SLEEP IN?”

prettprophet: funny sleeps half nude.

funny_bunny: nde sleeps in CLOTHES to hide his SHAMEFULLY DELICIOUS BODY!

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  1. Fallen’s avatar

    “Usually it’s a gown from Lavie.”

    I mostly slink around in my dressing gown too ^^; (My argument is why get dressed if you are going nowhere)

    “But I do sing in the shower.”

    Same here. The only place that I do sing *too embarrassed to sing anywhere else* Well I do sing when I have the hairdryer on really loud …

    “It’s really a bracelet with an electric charge in it.”

    Dude I want X3

    Just looking through your old posts X3 You should start them up again ^^ (The little comics and you can TOO draw Prophet!)

  2. prettyprophet’s avatar

    Nah, I ain’t got the patience or talent for it……plus this Etrian thing’s dead in the water since everyone lost interest (specifically Funny). Hm…I guess since everyone’s putting their hand in writing shit these days, I could always start up……, but it’s not like I got the time for it.