Etrian Oddity, or the World Tree Madness in the West: #00003


“So you’re the one aimlessly leading my Yorda around. Do you know who this girl is? That girl you’re with is my one and only beloved daughter. Stop wasting your time with her. She lives in a different world than some boy with horns!”

Etrian Oddity Issue #00003 – BLAM!

prettyprophet: funny’s playing Disgaea, nde’s playing Spore, and Ink won’t say anything. So it’s basically just me talking with occasional remarks from funny. And maybe the other two kids if I can get something out of them. I don’t even know why I’M the one writing about #3; it was entirely funny’s idea.

funny_bunny: I love NIHEI.

prettyprophet: So yeah, at first he wanted to go all out and draw a few pages of stuff that would make Nihei proud…but we talked him out of it, since it’d take forever.

Panel One

Oh hey, reused from last time. This probably the last time you’re going to see sustained continuity from chapter to chapter.

Note the hand. That was COPY AND PASTED from chapter 59 of BLAME! That chapter was pretty much used frame for frame here. But that hand…for some reason, funny didn’t want to draw it out himself, so he just copy/pasted. Which leads us to the next frame…

Panel Two

He doesn’t draw out the hand…but draws out the fucking face. And draws the hand. Jesus, you make no sense. That is chapter 59’s featured safeguard, the ‘Old Man’. Unsurprisingly, that mofo is also blown away by Killy’s fucking monster of a gun.

Panel Three

I like Nihei’s explosions. They’re vast. Like atom bombs across the pages. Shit, I still haven’t read the BLAME!2 thing. funny’s saying something but I’m ignoring him.

Panel Four

Originally Harvest was supposed to be all like, “TRY GETTING A RESERVATION AT DORSIA NOW, YOU STUPID FUCK” but since we only had five panels to work with, stuff had to get cut. Plus we wanted to keep things totally non-talky throughout.

Panel Five

Yeah, a little fountain is positioned directly where Snowflake falls. I think funny was going to do a pool at first, then wanted a fountain because…fountains are pretty. So he says right now. Anyways, sorry about compressing so much action into five small panels but BLAME! funny for it. Blame him for anything.

Hey, Ink, who was your favorite safeguard?

Killer Ink: I didn’t read much of BLAME!

prettyprophet: You read something. Name one.

Killer Ink: Sanakan.

prettyprophet: See? You read enough. nde, what about you?

nde: Only safeguards?

prettyprophet: We’ll do silicon creatures another day.

nde: Level 9.

prettyprophet: Sexy. I’m going Sanakan myself. Dhomo’s hot and everything, but fuck that, Sanakan’s gun is BAM. I guess there’s Killy himself, but he doesn’t count as safeguard.

funny_bunny: My favorite…ISN’T THE OLD MAN SAFEGUARD! OHOHOHO. Oh wait, it is the old man safeguard.

prettyprophet: Well, obviously. You keep drawing him.

funny_bunny: He’s just TOO DREAMY! He BITES Killy. Also Mao is just like prophet and that’s satisfactory.

prettyprophet: Mao. What a name.

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