Rebirth of the Rabbit: Symphony for the Devil – GENESIS


“Call it what you will–
a revelation from God, or a curse of the Demon King.
The fact remains that our world came to an end.”

Rebirth of the Rabbit: Symphony for the Devil Issue #0000 – April is the Cruellest Month

prettyprophet: Hey, guess why funny drew this. C’mon, shouldn’t be hard.

funny_bunny: To sell to wealthy oilmen?

Killer Ink: To ignore papers.

prettyprophet: To piss me off.

nde: We all like Megaten.

prettyprophet: That we fucking do. Anyways, this was bound to happen sooner or later. Once funny saw me and nde in Jack Bros. costume…it broke him.

funny_bunny: Don’t forget the SWEET BODY slapdash!

Killer Ink: Not many saw that.

prettyprophet: Yeah, no one goes to those posts for some reason, despite it having MAJOR NUDITY. Jeez, horndogs, here it is and you don’t want it? Fine.

funny_bunny: Now the Thousand Rabbits present…USAGITEN!

nde: Rebirth of the Rabbit.

Killer Ink: Symphony for the Devil.

prettyprophet: And we know it’s ‘RESURRECTION’. We picked ‘Rebirth’ because it’s got less syllables.

Killer Ink: Though if we were to stick with syllables, it should be ‘Usaten’.


prettyprophet: Christ, I’m glad Pat ain’t here. She’d be all up in arms over ‘proper’ Jap romanization. Fuck that.

funny_bunny: You know who I wish WAS here? ed. I could really use COD4.

prettyprophet: Oh, you goddamn brokeass. Alright, info time. Funbuns was drawing Megaten for no reason in class because that’s the kind of idiot he is. Boom, next day he’s all, “Let’s do it. Let’s do Megaten doujinshi.” Look, I don’t even care anymore that we have several open comic projects. Why? Funny’s the artist. So unless Ink feels like taking up the tablet…which he is adamantly refusing right now…we’ll just do whatever funny want’s to do. Doesn’t matter to me; it’s really all the same material. In-jokes, geek jokes, random shit from funny, whatever. Slip in some social commentary and we’re good.

“Symphony for the Devil” is a play off “Sympathy for the Devil” and the “April is the cruellest month” is from T.S. Eliot. Sidenote: Eliot was featured in Nocturne‘s initial hour by way of Hikawa explaining why April is the “cruellest month”. Props to localization or actually from the original script? Who knows? Ink, take the panels.

Killer Ink:

Panel One

Funny did something different here, tracing Kaneko’s Pixie (Kazuma Kaneko Works I version). Perhaps he got lazy. Or as he’s saying, because he rarely traces and wanted to see what it’d be like. Chino Hills was chosen due to it having the lowest population of California. ‘199X’ is a reference to Shin Megami Tensei‘s date.

Image taken from Be Your True Mind.

Panel Two

The wallpapers are from To Love-Ru and Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. The figures between the monitors are from Kotobukiya’s (funny: KOTOBUKKAKE) Megami Tensei Trading Figures Box Set #6. Shown (left to right) are Astaroth, Odin, Lakshmi, Pixie, Barong, and Thor. The mousepads with breasts as rests came from ed’s collection. The Tetris keyboard was drawn on impulse. The improbable amount of wires was drawn because prophet says that wires represent technology.

Images from Anime

Panel Three

Funny wanted to draw Network Terminals for no reason, even though SftD appears to be focused on a cross between the very original Megami Tensei and possibly Shin Megami Tensei (prophet: Yeah right, this shit is crisscrossing EVERYWHERE). There’s a Pepsi Terminal, a Playboy Terminal, and a regular Network Terminal. The summoner was randomly generated through our visual dislikes; I dislike double-chins, funny dislikes neckbeards, nde dislikes grubby hands, ed dislikes fat people, prophet dislikes sweat, and Pat dislikes balding (funny: Lavie dislikes NOTHING in particular because she’s too nice and if you’re really shy and blushing, she might let you touch her boobies).

Panel Four

‘Amala Network’ is from Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. Rice Crispies reference in the sound effects. The three demons displayed are (left to right) Baphomet, Nyx, and XXX. Models are myself, Lavie, and funny, respectively. funny does not wish for the XXX demon to be named yet, for some unknown reason. The shirt Demon XXX is wearing is a King of Games Kid Icarus tee. The game Demon XXX is playing is Persona 4. The lyrics are from the introduction song, “Pursuing My True Self”.

Styles used for this, and overall, were from Totan Kobako’s Sketchbook and Okota’s Tsukihime/Fate Stay doujinshi.

prettyprophet: Wow, you are so fucking dry and boring. Ok, Ink, you’re doing the panel explanations from now on.

Killer Ink: I don’t feel like this is an honor.

prettyprophet: It’s not. Anyways, we did the four panel deal this time because…fuck you, Pat. Four panels = more concise.

funny_bunny: Also, I’ve decided EVERYONE’s demon!

Killer Ink: He spent hours doing so.

prettyprophet: Shit you not. And he’s got papers due, unsurprisingly.


prettyprophet: The sad thing is…funny really did put thought into this. Most of it, anyways.

funny_bunny: And now! FACE THE TRUE ENEMY!

prettyprophet: Atlus, WHERE’S MEGATEN PROPER?

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