Rabbit Roundtable: What about WALL-E?


Verdict: What-a-pile-of-rubbish-only-white-people-could-think-of-fuck-them-all.

prettyprophet: Hoho, just fucking around. We’re not THAT much of snobs. Well, I’m not.

Kawaii Pattycakes: I’m downloading WALL-E WALLPAPERS right THIS VERY MOMENT.

funny_bunny: Send when done!

prettyprophet: If you haven’t guessed, WALL-E pretty much charmed the pants off everyone. But I think that’s because we all saw it in Trojan’s theater of a basement with a new plasma TV, Blu-ray, and surround sound.

Killer Ink: And people were drunk.

prettyprophet: Yes they fucking were. It wasn’t piss-drunk or anything, it was a good time.

Kawaii Pattycakes: I was drunk. And it was a very good time.

funny_bunny: I wasn’t drunk. And it was an EVEN GOODER TIME.

prettyprophet: You’ve never been drunk. You’re just…something.

funny_bunny: I touched nde’s inner thigh.

prettyprophet: So yeah, Trojan comes up to us all excited and he’s like, “WALL-E. Blu-ray. New TV. Check it.” We’re all, “Oh, plasma, sweet. And WALL-E you say? I haven’t seen it yet!” And Funbuns just gets all wide-eyed and he goes, “Can I use your Blu-ray burner?”

funny_bunny: I want to MAXIMIZE THE POWER OF THE PS3.

Killer Ink: The only reason why ‘Blu-ray’ is amazing to Funny is because no one has a Blu-ray burner yet. But now Whopper has one. He got WALL-E for Trojan.

prettyprophet: Wasn’t for free though. Then again, Trojan insisted on paying Whopper so what the hell.

funny_bunny: Now FUNNY will look terrible if he does not pay for goods and services!

Killer Ink: You never pay anyways.

funny_bunny: I paid for everyone’s lunch once!

prettyprophet: Yeah, you paid for everyone when everyone was just you and nde. If another one of us were there, THEN it’d count as everyone.

funny_bunny: I stand by my statement.

Kawaii Pattycakes: I sit on your face.

funny_bunny: Fufufufu.

prettyprophet: Anyways, since this is like, the only movie EVERYONE fucking watched together, thoughts?

Kawaii Pattycakes: Sugoi!

Killer Ink: Entertaining.

funny_bunny: SUBLIME.

prettyprophet: Yeah, I’ll say it’s magic too. nde, talk.

nde: It was good.

prettyprophet: I know Lavie liked it…and Ed, he fucking loved it.

Kawaii Pattycakes: Uh huh, he’s got the OST in his car!

prettyprophet: Course, since he’s a dick, first thing he says once the credits hit: “OH MY GOD, FUCK PETER GABRIEL THAT FAGGOT.”

Killer Ink: He was more vocal on the environmentalist issue, however.

prettyprophet: Oh yeah, after when we’re all just chillaxing, all Ed would talk about was “how fucking shit the movie was and it was all just bullshit fear-mongering by douche-sniffing liberals”. But we all know he jerks it to EVE.

Kawaii Pattycakes: He has it on BLU-RAY TOO NOW.

funny_bunny: Wait wait wait wait, Ed has burner now??

Kawaii Pattycakes: Dunno!

prettyprophet: Ok, more thoughts. Um, fuck Nick and Nora, THIS is the shit.

funny_bunny: Fuck Slumdogs!

prettyprophet: Yeah Lavie, chew on that. Slumdogs GOT NOTHIN’. Let the Right One In? INTO THE FUCKING GARBAGE BIN.

Killer Ink: This is what happens whenever other Rabbits aren’t around.

Kawaii Pattycakes: We sneeze lots!

prettyprophet: Thanks to Ed and me. We talk so much shit. Ok, Ed talks shit, I just talk anecdotes. And Funbuns talks lies. And Pat talks sexual fantasy pairings.

funny_bunny: So what’s everyone’s fav part? NO SPOILERS.

Kawaii Pattycakes: Dancing!

Killer Ink: Also sprach Zarathustra.

nde: Love.

prettyprophet: Thomas fucking Newman. And ‘Wanted’ signs.

And Lavie says hers is M-O and WALL-E’s handshake. Ed’s is the trapped robot in space. And I’m not gonna do the rest of the Rabbits because fuck the rest of you.

funny_bunny: EVERYTHING. Especially SLO-MO.

prettyprophet: Explosions are cool.

funny_bunny: EVE is so beautiful.

Kawaii Pattycakes: I’m writing WALL-E fic now!


prettyprophet: Ugh. Hey, is it just me listening to oldies hardcore now? Fucking Fallout.

Killer Ink: It’s nostalgia affecting your sensibilities.

prettyprophet: Definitely, since I lived through the 40s in America, listening to The Ink Spots and breaking down racial barriers. Fuck you.

funny_bunny: Psssssssssst guys, prophet’s growing a small penis and dying her hair red and being a SADIST.

prettyprophet: Hey, someone’s gotta be the Ed when Ed’s not around.

funny_bunny: Hey hey, I just bought it on BLU-RAY.

Killer Ink: Weren’t you going to have Whopper get you a copy?

funny_bunny: TWO DISCS! And I got GOTH’S CAGE while at it!

Kawaii Pattycakes: Oh, maybe I’ll do that too! No wait, I WILL!

prettyprophet: Stop, just stop fucking spending money. Actually no, Pat, you stop, funny you keep spending. And give me WALL-E after.

Killer Ink: Blu-ray, prophet.

prettyprophet: Son of a buddha. Alright, time to snag a PS3. nde, get a card, I’m maxed.

Kawaii Pattycakes: YASUSHI SUZUKI!

funny_bunny: Let’s get sushi!

Killer Ink: We’ve drifted.

prettyprophet: Word, anyways, WALL-E. Watch that shit because it is fantastic and heart-warming. We think it may even have caused romantic stirrings between nde and Lavie. So, as the PR Rabbit, I ORDER YOU TO WATCH.


prettyprophet: Whoa, simmer down, Heath.

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  1. TOATA’s avatar

    WALL-E was indeed amazing. Now I need to watch it in Blu-ray. Thanks for another hilarious post hahaha 😀