Rabbit Review: 2008


What’s the 2008 verdict??

edthefucker: BEST FUCKING YEAR. Did 2007 have Twilight? Fuck no it didn’t.

Kawaii Pattycakes: It had PERSONA 4, VALKYRIA, MOTHER 3 — (and she went on listing a fuckload of stuff)

Killer Ink: I didn’t get to travel as much. I wish I gone to Sydney.

Lavie Rhap: Well, I wouldn’t say that 2008 had the best cap-off but since we’re all sitting here together, I’d think of it as a good year.

prettyprophet: Fuck, I don’t even remember anymore. Next year, just worrying about next year. It’s gonna be FUCKING headaches.

nde: I could really go for some more champagne.

funny_bunny: HAVE A TANGY TWO-OH-OH-NINE!!!

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