AX 2009 was really really fun

This is AX 2009

And we all went!

funny_bunny: …IN SPIRIT.

Kawaii Pattycakes: Dawwww I lurv Paul!

prettyprophet: So I got together Lavie, Pat, Funny, and myself for this AX post. I guess it’ll be an annual thing. Hey look, who’s these goofs.

Trojan: Yo!

nde: I think I was here for the 2008 post. Didn’t say anything though.

Peking Duck: Wasn’t there an anime expo months ago?

Lavie Rhap: Given its name, this is the Anime Expo.

Kawaii Pattycakes: Capitals!

Peking Duck: Ohhhhh… the one Ed ditched Pat for….for like, the past year or something.

prettyprophet: Try years.

Kawaii Pattycakes: I’ll forgive him because he’ll be back with lots of money!

prettyprophet: So Ed, D, Nate, baal, and a bunch of other undesirables went off to Boston last week……and then they’re going to Vegas. They’re due back the end of this month.

Peking Duck: I wanna make some bets. Bet you Ed, Nate, [censored friends] will be cleaned out.

prettyprophet: Ok, how about this: Ed’s going to win some, D’s going to win big, Nate’ll be broke, [censored friends blah blah]. AND baal WON’T get in trouble.

Peking Duck: Are you kidding? Course baal’ll fight someone.

prettyprophet: I said he won’t get in TROUBLE. He’ll fight someone, but he won’t get flak for it.

funny_bunny: Now are you dancing devils done talking? WE HAVE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO SPEAK OF. Like AX 2009!

Trojan: Yeah! Oh man I wish I could go. When is it?

prettyprophet: …..Just passed.

Kawaii Pattycakes: We’re FINALLY talking about AX? Yay! For this year I convinced Funny to dedicate all stuff to the Rabbits!

funny_bunny: Am I not MERCIFUL?

prettyprophet: So are you going to talk about all this stuff or not?

funny_bunny: I will! BUT THIS SET WILL BE SHORT. Because it’s not here yet!

Lavie Rhap: The Rabbits who were unable to attend AX 2009 would like to extend their deepest thanks to Aerith’s Bitch.

funny_bunny: Who once again braved the bustle and kung fu hustle for the REVOLUTION. Sacrifices were made, suffering commenced, but in the end, Good prevailed!

Kawaii Pattycakes: We had Aerith’s Manslave visit MECHA FETUS because they’re great! Thanks to that, I got a poster!

prettyprophet: I’ll put that as the first image.

Peking Duck: Is that Mao and Kim Jong-Il?

Trojan: Commie…!

prettyprophet: Even Trojan’s calling you out on that. BURN.

Peking Duck: Obviously I’m a commie. So commie, I’m a consumer whore.

Nice Artists Nice Books

funny_bunny: Speaking of consumer whores…….DOUJINSHI!………MECHAFETUS DOUJINSHI! NICE GIRLS NICE CATS.

Kawaii Pattycakes: Hey let’s ask them to do the commission!

prettyprophet: Uh, we just did.

Kawaii Pattycakes: Nooooooooo, Funny you know!

funny_bunny: Bwah.

Kawaii Pattycakes: You know!

funny_bunny: Haaa.

Peking Duck: I’m gonna turn away and watch Black Books.

Trojan: I’ll keep reading this conversation!

Kawaii Pattycakes: It’s the kawaii thing! You know…..’kao’…..MOE.

funny_bunny: OHHHHH YEAH. Ohohohoho! Patty you prickly pineapple, good thinking! BUT MY PLAN GOES FIRST.

prettyprophet: See, after years of hearing/seeing secret plans and half-baked ideas coming from every which way, you learn to ignore it.

Trojan: I try to keep up with it all. Something about someone named Moe.

Kawaii Pattycakes: NO, moe! Mo-EH.

Trojan: That’s not how it’s pronounced!

prettyprophet: Moe.

Trojan: What?

prettyprophet: Nevermind. Funny, move it along.



Kawaii Pattycakes: RADRAPPY!!!!??? OUENDAN!!?!? I WANT YOU GUYS TOO.

Trojan: That’s an awesome game.

Kawaii Pattycakes: The person is awesome!

Trojan: There’s a person?

prettyprophet: He’s been EU03 for like, the past year.

Trojan: Ummm sure! Funny, fill me in!

funny_bunny: Only if you can guess what time it is:


Trojan: 9:40…in the morning? I see light.

prettyprophet: Fuck it, I’ve got a headache; we’re wrapping this post short. Sorry, we just wanted to say me, Pat, and Funny (well, especially Funny) really appreciate Aerith’s Bitch for going there and taking the time to gather stuff, all in the name of the Rabbits…such as this:

Japan really loves Yosuke

Kawaii Pattycakes: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

prettyprophet: Oh yeah, you didn’t know about that.

Trojan: What’s with all the Yosuke? What about the rest of the friends?

funny_bunny: That’s what MOI said. But can you deny the beauty of this?

Trojan: Nah, that’s pretty hot.

funny_bunny: Oh if only you could see the OTHER SIDE.

prettyprophet: Ah, don’t spoil it for them. Speaking of spoiling…..may as well show off the commission, which was based off some old junk.

funny_bunny: BEHOLD!

Pleinair Devouring Her Usagi

prettyprophet: Persona, good work.

Kawaii Pattycakes: I can’t find the doujinshi!

funny_bunny: IT’S NOT HERE YET.

Kawaii Pattycakes: Oh! Oh! We’re talking about Persona’s drawing! SOOOOOOO GOOD. What about the other one?

funny_bunny: SILENCE, DO YOU THINK THE BITCH IS MADE OF MONEY?? I am not so cruel to bleed him dry for ANOTHER commission! Do not speak of such things again!

prettyprophet: Says the idiot who breaks people into working on porn.

funny_bunny: But we are all guilty of such gears, AREN’T WE?

prettyprophet: Valkyria was a damn good investment, you know that.

Kawaii Pattycakes: Don’t try to hide your fandom lusts!

prettyprophet: Do I EVER hide them?

funny_bunny: Oh do not fret, oh oracle on the ball. Mayhaps we can have a commission for you NEXT AX? Why, enough of the mayhaps! THERE WILL BE ART.

prettyprophet: And that’s AX 2009. We might have a more detailed post later, when all the haul gets sent over or if the Bitch gets more photos together. Really, we’re all the way over here, Bitch is conveniently over there, so is Mechafetus; we, the Rabbits, got their stuff, end of story. Again, thanks to Aerith’s Bitch and of course, all the gals and guys at Mechafetus.

Kawaii Pattycakes: Next release goes out to you!

prettyprophet: …..No. Not the next one. Trust me.

funny_bunny: It was a delight to do dapper doujinshi business with Mechafetus once more; may our stars criss and cross! ANIME EXPO, NEXT YEAR, WILL THE RABBITS BE THERE SPIRITUALLY AGAIN?






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