Tao and Medusa Are Best Friends


Rabbit Revelry Inc. presents…KennoArkkan!

“Taokaka WIN” aka “Delicious Caek”

Taokaka WIN

For an abused spirit!

“Arrows Go Stab” aka “Blair vs. Medusa”

Arrows go STAB

For an almighty philosopher!

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  1. animekritik’s avatar

    To use the technical Soul Eater lingo, I wouldn’t mind being that vector arrow.

    That said, the shot seems to imply that Medusa is parting company with Blair, which doesn’t really match with the “have fun” declaration.

    Because, to use the popular lingo, “it takes two to tango”.

    Oh brother, now I’m thinking too much about this. Nightmares to follow. Thanx!

  2. funny_bunny’s avatar

    Are nightmares not the most VIVID of dreams?

  3. prettyprophet’s avatar

    What font is that, anime ace? C’mon Funbuns, as the TSing princess, you should know better.