Pirate Queen of Cuteness

This is the face of piracy

Captain to your heart.

prettyprophet: Alright, so Funny should be doing this but he’s over there……..playing Bayonetta. Why the fuck are we doing this?

Lavie Rhap: Emeraldas sidestory?

prettyprophet: Oh yeah. Anyways, as you may know, ak, Rabbit translator and Leiji aficionado, is peacing out for a bit. So here’s Funny’s send off.

Lavie Rhap: The artist is schwarz-gold, another one of Funny’s fine choices for commissions.

prettyprophet: Be glad he didn’t ask her for a yaoi one.

Lavie Rhap: Or, if you’re of Pat’s persuasion, disappointed.

prettyprophet: Fuck that, there were those two Megaten yaoi.

Lavie Rhap: True. Do you think she’ll receive something like this for her birthday as well?

prettyprophet: That’d make her happy, so I doubt it.

Lavie Rhap: Funny can be quite cruel.

prettyprophet: If it’s to Pat, I’m down with that.

funny_bunny: SEGA’S GREAT!

prettyprophet: If it weren’t for that whole Yakuza 3 bullshit, I’d say they’re doing well.


Lavie Rhap: Anything to add on this commission?

funny_bunny: Yes, Lavie, I do have something to add. People with moneybags must commission lots of Leijiverse sex. And then put alllllllllllll the links into the Rabbit forum. PLEASE DO SO NOW.

prettyprophet: If you’re going to do that, put it all into one thread so there won’t be clutter.

Lavie Rhap: But we could use the activity in the other forums.

prettyprophet: Eh, fuck off, you haven’t posted either.

Lavie Rhap: Will you forgive me?

funny_bunny: NO.

prettyprophet: God, maybe I should look into handling the forum tech myself.

funny_bunny: Then we will have the greatest Leiji forum of all internet and then ak and Fallen will consolidate their powerbase and turn the Rabbits into an ALL LEIJI GROUP. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT, YOU PRETTY PROPHET?

prettyprophet: As long as I get some of what I want in there, whatever.

Lavie Rhap: Better strengthen your faction, Funny.

funny_bunny: Then take this gift, oh almighty ak! It is my declaration of WAR.

prettyprophet: That’s right folks, group drama right here!

Lavie Rhap: Ghost’s only series is Food Girls, I believe?

prettyprophet: Yeah, so this’ll be a short war.

funny_bunny: Ohohoho…DON’T FORGET HENTAI AND YAOI!

Lavie Rhap: Truly unconventional warfare.

funny_bunny: Biochemical!

prettyprophet: Rabbits, violating Geneva Protocols whenever we can.

funny_bunny: Ok! Queen Emeraldas commission! From the black-gold artist schwarz-gold! For ak and ADVENTURE! RABBIT REVELRY INC! Clicky pixxx for BIG SEXY RES! Now off with you two, finish thy post!

prettyprophet: Our post? Fuck you, this should be YOUR post.

Lavie Rhap: We’ve yet to finish the Emeraldus release post.

prettyprophet: Shit, oh yeah. Let’s get to that.

Lavie Rhap: Best of luck to your future endeavors, ak.

prettyprophet: Happy travels, yo.


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  1. animekritik’s avatar

    oohhh thanx. love the gravity saber!

  2. Fallen’s avatar

    I’m cool with all Leiji. I say we team up on them Ak … but no D: You are leaving me on the front lines by myself D:

    Anyway Ak. My dear friend and wonderful person – have fun. And think about us as you do almighty things like … like … eat unhealthy fast food. We are with you in spirit. *Bows head*

    (Love the tags: arrr and yarrrr. Though surprised you know what a gravity saber is …)

  3. prettyprophet’s avatar

    I’m pretty sure Funny just googled for it. He knows less about Leiji than I do.

    And ak……..give the KFC Double Down a try. That’ll be a good way to start up the student life again.